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 The H'san Natal are an imperialistic race which is rumored to be avoided by Darkseid himself.[1] They periodically enslave Psions and have them perform experiments for them, and their ships are manned by a variety of alien species.


The H'San Natall abduct and impregnate females, after which they mind wipe them and return them to their homeworld. When it's time they abduct the hybrid children, indoctrinate them, and send them back as sleeper agents to be used against the world's defenders prior to the arrival of the H'San Natall.[2] The H'san Natal have conquered thousands of worlds.[3]


Type of Government:

Ruling class at the top of society, ruling over the warrior, technocratic, and worker classes

Level of Technology:

Advanced; warp-capable interstellar ships,[4] teleportation systems,[5]humanoid mechs,[6] genetic manipulation,[7]reanimation of the dead,[8]organic metals and polymers,[9]


Human Hybrids


  • Each H'San Natall has a diverse appearance. The one pictured here is of the warrior class but is the only known example of his rank so other appearances may vary. The King of the species, and Prysm's father, looks just like Prysm but a bit more alien and male.

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