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Quote1.png Did she create H.I.V.E.? Or did H.I.V.E. create her? It doesn't matter now. They call her their Queen. As she bathes in the techno-plasmic waste of every thought--every desire and every disappointment--of every citizen of Metropolis...she luxuriates in the knowledge she will soon release the entire world from the bondage of individual freedoms. Quote2.png
The Psycho-Pirate src

The H.I.V.E. Queen is the leader of the H.I.V.E. and an agent of Brainiac.

The Queen is an alien of unknown origin[1] and a powerful telepath who is devoted to Brainiac - to the point that she claims to be his daughter. To the outside world, the Holistic Integration for Viral Equality was a social media company striving to bring the world together in unity, but secretly, they kidnapped people with psychic powers, hoping to use them to pave the way for Brainiac's invasion.[citation needed]

Her operations were exposed after a large battle between Superman, Hector Hammond and Psycho Pirate. She was seemingly killed in the battle,[citation needed] but later returned with new plots involving mind control.[citation needed]





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