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Habib bin Hassan was a young Palestinian suicide bomber, destined to become the new Doctor after Thornedike.

Within the first 24 hours of inheriting his new powers after Thornedike's death, Habib engineered a peace in the Middle East that actually had a chance of surviving. However, Henry Bendix had captured him before any more work could be done. Bendix imprisoned Habib in a cell on his Carrier where he was cut off from his powers. He was secretly freed by Jenny Quantum and joined in the battle with Bendix, Rose Tattoo and Bendix's alien followers. During the fight, Habib turned Rose Tattoo to the side of the angels, making her the Spirit of Life instead of the Spirit of Murder.


Following the reboot of the Wildstorm Universe, Habib bin Hassan, despite losing his memories of the nature of the reboot, felt and was aware of his universe's destruction and reformation on slight differences. He later approached to StormWatch's Jackson King and Christine Trelane into bringing their lost friend and team member Winter from the sun (revealing the events of Winter's madness and imprisonment by the Authority to an angered King in the process) as the nature of the universe's reboot can allow him to restore Winter. After he was able to rescue Winter's consciousness and transfer it into a younger, cloned body, Habib inexplicably rescues Fahrenheit, Fuji and Hellstrike who were somehow linked to Winter's soul on a quantum level.[1]

World's End

During the World's End events the Doctor is missing by the Authority roster. While marooned on the Carrier with Jenny Quarx, he was unable to stop a cadre of clones of The High from damaging the spaceship, and he's forced to witness Jenny Quarx, with whom he shared several moments of sexual tension, from sacrificing her own physical body to act as a containment field for the miniature universe powering the Carrier. Sharing one last kiss, he's tasked by her with the role, if she'll ever be able to return, to find her and describe the events happened to Earth in her absence.[2]

Following the Carrier's crash landing and the devastation it brought to London, Habib apparently committed suicide after witnessing the World's End. Reasoning that "a flatlined patient doesn't need a Doctor", he dissolved into butterflies after jumping from the ruined Carrier.[3]

However, this was not the case. The Doctor instead tried to flee from the Earth's pain from the cataclysm, and was drawn to Gaia Rothstein, a Century Baby who is linked to Earth's biosphere and an intermediary between the planet and the people. Habib, having grown mad and believed that humanity should be punished for the Earth's condition, took control of Gaia and used her island body to siphon her powers into his own, becoming the "Green Man". Gaia drew Midnighter to his location to stop Habib's intentions where the former Doctor easily captured him and planned to execute him. However, the rest of the Authority arrived in time and battled Habib in thanks to Gaia. Habib proved too powerful and invulnerable until Swift takes him into the air and his physical connection to Gaia was cut off by the Engineer, and he was then dissipated into dying leaves.[4] It was later revealed that Habib died from his conflict with his former team, and has since succeeded by an unknown successor in which neither the past Doctors nor Earth's heroes has yet to discover (until it was later revealed to be Swift).


  • Magic: There is always only one Doctor at any given time, who is the latest in a long line of shamans protecting the entire planet. Each doctor is as powerful as the sum of all preceding Doctors, each of whom was also as wise and powerful as the sum of all preceding Doctors, hence, each new Doctor is more powerful than his immediate predecessor. The Doctor's vast magical abilities can do almost anything, as long as he can conceive and believe in his abilities in poetic terms, although more powerful feats can take their toll both on the Doctor and the planet's ecosystem. His power is to move things from here to there, change this thought to that thought, step behind the scenes and rearrange the set remix reality. All he has to do is draw a detailed mental picture and reality builds it for him. Instead of a village he currently works on a Planetary scale to protect mankind. The Doctor can alter reality through magic.
  • Enlightened Senses: The Doctor through natural evolution of his position has developed fifteen new senses, making him completely enlightened. He cant help but be naturally empathize with every living creature in existence.
  • Reincarnation: As the Shaman of Earth is literally unending, it is almost impossible to kill him and even if one is to succeed, upon his death, the singularity opens up around the next in line and he will know everything that all the doctors through time has, therefore experience is not required.
    • Garden of Ancestral Memory: When a Doctor dies, their spirit goes to the Garden of Ancestral Memory, where they can be visited by the current Doctor, and advise him. It is his connection to this realm that allows the doctor instant understanding of anything that happens on earth. Its a tether to the Earths consciousness on a spiritual level. Thus this knowledge comes as more of a intuitive feeling as well as actual given knowledge. The Garden is in the dimension known as the Dreamtime, (a metaphysical place of ancestral memory on a alternate plane.) It is made up of everything good and bad about the human race. It contains every birth, every death, every idea, every triumph, every failure, every murder, every mutilation, every kiss, every caress, all the love, all the hate.
  • Racial Memory: The Doctor has access to the racial memories of humanities' ancestors, their entire lives from birth to death flow through him.


  • Occultism
  • Historiography
  • Polymath: The Doctor for all intensive purposes is a master of all trades though it usually falls to what he chooses to know out of his long existence on the earth.


  • Vulnerability to Psionics: Any advanced use of telepathy that has the effect of disrupting his interpretation of his "ancestral memory" can disrupt his ability to use his abilities all together.