Quote1.png Bloody hell, Ollie... been getting in touch with your... masculine side, have you...? And to think... for a second there... I was actually pleased to see you! Quote2.png
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Hackett is a henchman of the heroin manufacturer China White.

China conducted her business from an island volcano in Fiji, and communicated her orders to Hackett from there. Over a decade ago, Hackett insinuated his way into the lifestyle of millionaire playboy Oliver Queen. He convinced Queen to invest in several illegal offshore accounts, though Queen was unaware that the money was being used for drug trafficking.

Hackett arranged to meet with China White, but Oliver insisted on coming along and they both embarked upon the Pacific Queen. Queen's presence threatened to expose China White's operations, and she ordered Hackett to kill him. As he considered himself Oliver's friend, Hackett couldn't bring himself to murder him in cold blood, so he tossed him over the side of the ship instead.

Ollie survived however, and encountered Hackett again on Fiji where he learned that he was actually working for China White. The two fought one another, but Ollie managed to get away. When Hackett reported back to China White, she was furious at him for not shooting him in the head as originally instructed.




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