Hagen was an Atlantean magic-wielder who rose to power under the rule of Gamemnae.

Hagen became the nation's prime minister, and defacto leader, by controlling the empress Mera through a mix of narcotics and sorcery. As he passed his orders along as her word, Hagen and his sect enacted a scheme that would purge of humanity from the Earth and assert Atlantean dominance via malefic arcanum, seeking to transform the sea's denizens into monstrous abominations with which to annihilate surfaceborn civilization. When his plans failed, he cursed the queen regent with lungs seeking to drown her former puppet to spite Aquaman. He was later killed in an attack by the deranged Spectre when Garth of Atlantis tried to extract the information on how to undo the queens enchantment from his warped mind. The city destroyed as a consequence.




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