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Hal Jordan was a United States Air Force pilot during World War II.

Year One (1940)

While in London, Hal Jordan attends the same Christmas party as Harley Quinn. After witnessing her win a brawl over several British soldiers, Hal congratulates her. She becomes very interested when he tells her that he is a pilot and asks him to show her his plane. In return, she will show him some of her other "tricks". Once in the airfield, Harley shows Hal a card trick which results in Hal losing the key to his plane. Harley knocks him out and steals his plane.

Year Four (1943)

While piloting a cargo plane over Los Angeles, Hal is flirting with his co-pilot Carol Ferris when a beam of purple starlight hits the plane and turns Ferris into Star Sapphire. She knocks Hal out and hijacks the plane.