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Hal Jordan, the grandson of the original, was a Green Lantern forced to fight in Monarch's arena.

After the decimation of the Green Lantern Corps, seven rings were left unscathed. It was agreed that the seven ringbearers would each look after the seven primary galaxies of Earth-12. Hal Jordan, named for his grandfather, was assigned to the Milky Way. His duties often kept him in space, but he still visited Earth.

This changed, however, when he was drafted for the Arena battles by Monarch. Over the course of the contest, he gained respect for the other two Green Lanterns (Hal Jordan (Earth-5) & "Bat Lantern"), and made a stand against Monarch, losing his left hand in the process. Bat Lantern suggested he make a prosthetic with his ring. He survived against Monarch, and since he recovered soonest, he was selected as the Green Lantern for Monarch's strike force. In this role, he was not seen again. Presumably he was still serving with them when Superman-Prime punched Monarch, rupturing his armour and causing a quantum event which destroyed most of Earth-51.






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