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Harold "Hal" Jordan was a test pilot for Ferris Aircraft who in the 1980s became President of the United States, marrying his former boss Carol Ferris.

During his time in office, he watched the televised recording of Superman striking Lex Luthor (who turned out to be the Ultra-Humanite using Luthor's body for his brain) with a piece of metal and electrocuting him to death. He ordered the use of a sample of Green Kryptonite kept in a special chamber built at great taxpayers' cost to take Superman down, only to find the sample stolen by Bruce Wayne Jr., who at the time was Batman. In 1997, as Sinestro sought to kill all Green Lanterns, including Alan Scott and his successor Kyle Rayner, Hal took control of the power ring and used it to defeat Sinestro's power ring, revealing that its true weakness was the user's will. The Guardians of the Universe realized that Hal had this knowledge about the power ring and so chose him as the one who could help rebuild the Green Lantern Corps that Sinestro had destroyed. In 2008, Hal as Green Lantern helped stop the rampage of Lex Luthor whose brain was transplanted into a robotic form that he called Metallo.



As Hal discovered, the real weakness of the power ring was the user's will.



  • This version of the character is native to the Superman & Batman: Generations series of stories.
  • The character was originally identified as Harold Jordan in Superman & Batman: Generations #3 as he was undergoing a voice, palm, and retinal scan to access the high-security Kryptonite chamber from the White House.
  • Hal served as ring bearer for Clark Wayne and Amanda Mason's wedding.



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