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Hal Jordan was a man who, in the original timeline, received a green power ring with which he became the superhero known as Green Lantern. He along with Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Captain Atom, and Cyborg helped the Flash defuse the bombs that the Reverse Flash planted on the members of the Flash's Rogues Gallery to destroy the Flash, the Rogues Gallery, and the Flash Museum, with Green Lantern working together with Batman to safely detach the bomb from the Mirror Master's belt and allowing it to detonate harmlessly in space.

In the alternate timeline created by the Flash, Hal Jordan remained a test pilot who eventually was brought in by the military to pilot a spaceship that its alien pilot, Abin Sur, had crash-landed, which the military had restored to working order. His job at the present time that the story takes place was to make a suicide run over the Atlantic Ocean to find and destroy Aquaman's secret weapon of mass destruction. Feeling that he was always destined for something greater, Hal accepted the job and piloted the ship toward the weapon's last known coordinates, ready to drop the payload that would destroy the weapon, when a large sea creature telepathically summoned by Aquaman swallowed both Hal and the ship, causing the payload to detonate inside the creature instead, killing it along with Hal in the process.




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