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Hal Jordan is a fighter pilot for Ferris Air.

In an effort to save his mother's life from the Reverse-Flash, Barry Allen unknowingly changes reality, drastically altering the lives of his friends, Hal included.

In this new world, Hal still wanted to become a pilot much like his own father and role model Martin Jordan. He and Carol Ferris were still childhood friends. Unfortunately he witnesses his father's death. Martin Jordan dies after his malfunctioning fighter jet crashes into the ground. Despite being haunted by his father's death, Hal nonetheless envisions himself as a pilot. But due to his reckless nature he fails to live up to his father's reputation; however, at the outbreak of the Atlantean-Amazonian war, Hal is drafted along with the private aircraft company Ferris Air, to patrol the American western coastline.

During a patrol with his wingman Carol, they are attacked by the Shark, an agent of Atlantis. Hal coordinates with Carol in pulling off a risky maneuver that involves getting rid of the Shark by slamming their jets into him and then quickly parachuting out of their aircraft. However, Hal is reprimanded by Hector Hammond, a private consultant of Ferris Aircraft, for destroying the expensive jets. Hal ignores Hammond's ire and instead continues his patrol in another jet. Suddenly, he sees a starship that is under attack make a crash landing. Hal lands his jet and investigates the wreckage, where he finds a weakened Abin Sur who desperately tells Hal that he needs help in saving the universe.[1]

However, Abin Sur is subsequently taken into custody by Cyborg and the government to be questioned about his reasons for being on Earth.[2]

Later, when Amazonian invisible planes invade over Coast City, Hal and Carol manage to shoot down the invisible planes and the Hydra that they dropped. Later, Hal is volunteered by the President of the United States for a mission to use a Green Arrow Industries nuclear weapon to bomb Western Europe.[3]

Hal prepares the pilot the F-35 carrying the Green Arrow weapon.[4] During the battles on New Themyscira, Hal possesses the remaining nuclear weapon, but his firing mechanism jams. Hal's only option is to fly through New Themyscira in a suicide attack, causing a process which destroys not only New Themyscira's invisible shield, but Hal with it. Afterwards, Thomas Kalmaku gives Carol a note saying that Hal was afraid to say that he had always loved her. Carol sees the engagement ring that he was going to propose to her.[5]