Green Lantern fought Krona and a new Black Lantern Corps.

Before Futures End

Hal Jordan gave up being a Green Lantern after failing to return to Earth during its war with another Earth, which cost the life of his mother. After over five years of living on Earth, Hal was visited by the ghost of his father, Martin Jordan, who warned his son about the return of Krona who had become the leader of a new Black Lantern Corps, which included Martin, several of Hal's deceased comrades from the Green Lantern Corps and his enemies. Hal donned his Green Lantern uniform and enlisted the aid of his former enemy Relic from the Source Wall. He and Relic managed to destroy Krona, freeing the Black Lanterns who opposed him, though tragically Hal was fatally wounded in the process. At the urging of the resurrected Martin Jordan, Relic was only able to save Hal's life by placing him inside the Source Wall, until such time as he could be freed.[1]




Hal's fate has never been revealed.



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