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Quote1.png I'm not that guy anymore. Look I get why you don't trust me, but you should trust the Guardians. This ring means something. They put me through hell to get it back. Quote2.png
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Hal Jordan is a member of the Justice League and Green Lantern Corps.

As Green Lantern


Before the Joker's infamous attack on Metropolis, Hal Jordan was a pilot. One day, he found the crashed space ship of an alien, who, upon his death, granted Hal his Green Lantern Ring, making him a member of the Green Lantern Corps.

Hal was actually the second human to have been given a Green Lantern Ring, following his predecessor Alan Scott. Scott was active in the mid-1900s with the Justice Society, and, upon Hal's induction into the corps, the two became close peers.

At some point, Hal became a member of the contemporary superhero group the Justice League. Several other humans became Green Lanterns after Hal, and the men all worked together to protect both Earth and outer space.

Detruction of Metropolis

Hal Jordan helped pursue The Joker when he kidnaped Lois Lane. Green Lantern subdued both the clown and Harley Quinn as they exited the submarine they stole. He watched in horror as Joker revealed the details of the nuclear device in Metropolis and its subsequent detonation. Green Lantern and the Flash immediately began assisting with evacuating survivors of the blast.

When Superman demanded to know where the Joker was being held, Hal tried to restrain him with an energy construct, aware of what Superman could do if he found the man who killed his wife, unborn child, and home. Superman broke free of Green Lantern's construct thought and used his superspeed to remove Hal's ring. Before Hal could plummet to the ground, Clark caught him and safely lowered him to the surface. There, Hal tried to use a Justice League communicator to warn Batman, but Superman vaporized it. When Hal asked Superman not to do something he would regret, he simply said "I already have." When Superman finally found the Joker, he murdered the clown in vengeance.

Year One

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Superman swore to change the way he had been operating as a hero to prevent further calamities like Metropolis from happening ever again. In response, the US government hired the Mirror Master to kidnap Superman's parents for leverage. Hal and the rest of the League went after various members of the Rogues for clues of their whereabouts. Though they eventually found the Kents, Batman told the president that the choice to kidnap them was the wrong decision, as it had radicalized some of the Justice League members further towards Superman's totalitarian cause.

Green Lantern also participated in a dispute against Aquaman and the Atlantean army. As a show of strength against the rival nation, Green Lantern, along with Shazam, Wonder Woman and Superman, lifted Atlantis from the bottom of the ocean and placed it into the Sahara desert. When Aquaman conceded to Superman's demands, the "heroes" put the city back to its place below the sea.

For a month, the Justice League went across Earth, demilitarizing countries and forcibly ending political conflicts. However, Earth's volatile state caught the attention of Kalibak, who tried to invade with a parademon army. Hal fought back against the invaders, along with the Justice League, but was almost overwhelmed with their power. Luckily, Superman, in one fell swoop, vaporized the entirety of the Apokoliptian army, saving Earth, but killing thousands of lifeforms in the process.

Superman's efforts escalated, installing a new Regime to protect the world. During the conflict, Green Arrow was murdered by Superman in a fit of rage. Hal, as well as many other heroes on both sides of the fight, attended his funeral. Despite Hal and Oliver having been close friends, when Black Canary asked him if he still supported Superman, Hal said that he did. [1]

Year Two

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At Ferris Aircraft, Hal is about to crash one of Ferris' planes that has suffered engine failure, but uses his Lantern Ring to pull it together at the last possible second. When Carol Ferris asks him why he's still wearing his ring, he says he needs to for the world and for the Lantern Corps. Superman later gets in touch with him and asks him to make an intervention in Congress before they shut down the United States Government. When Hal asks why, Superman replies that it is Hal's duty to protect the people of Earth, no matter what.

Inside, Hal locks all of the Congressmen inside the chamber, saying no one will leave until a resolution is passed. When the Speaker of the House protests this, Hal grows angry at him and the other political officials, saying it is clear to the rest of the world how transparently corrupt they are and that many of them serve their own interests. Several hours later, a resolution is passed and Hal and Barry leave. They are met by various police and military forces, in addition to Guy Gardner and Ganthet.

Ganthet and Hal return to Oa where Hal is asked to explain Superman's actions to the Council. When one Guardian voices a concern about letting Superman have all the power he presently has, Hal makes a snide remark about giving extraordinary power to people in regard to the Guardians granting Power Rings to the universe. Hal is dismissed after this and Kilowog is summoned to speak to the Guardians. Kilowog returns with news that he's been ordered to arrest Superman and bring him to Oa for trial and that Hal will not be joining them, informing him to surrender his ring.

Hal refuses and attempts to escape to warn Superman and the Guardians are forced to aid the Lanterns in stopping Hal, with John Stewart holding Hal up for Kilowog to take him out. Later, after the Lanterns have left for Earth, John breaks Hal out of jail and gives him back his ring, informing him that his holding Hal earlier had been a ruse. They then leave for Earth and on the way, meet with Ch'p (Injustice: Earth One)'s Power Ring returning to Oa, Ch'p having been killed moments before by Sinestro on Earth in the process of capturing Superman.

The two Lanterns arrive to find a battle raging between the Green Lanterns and the Sinestro Corps (Injustice) and attempt to separate them, with John going for Sinestro. Hal tries to call for a ceasefire and Sinestro agrees as he points out that the Green Lanterns are outnumbered by his corps. He votes for executing the Green Lanterns to which Hal objects vehemently, aided by Superman and the decision is made to instead imprison the Green Lanterns as prisoners of war.

Later, after Guy Gardner returns to Oa and informs the Guardians of what has transpired on Earth, the Guardians are able to realize that Earth has disappeared from their sight because of the Sinestro Corps' ability to hide. They then authorize use of deadly force against Superman and his allies, including summoning Mogo to aid the Green Lanterns in capturing or eliminating Superman and lead another assault team to Earth, leading to another battle. Hal is nearly killed when Mogo fires a powerful blast of energy at the Sinestro Corps during the fight and is rescued from near death by Superman.

In the process of the fight between the Justice League and the Green Lanterns, Carol Ferris is endangered and Hal attempts to save her. Guy explains what is happening to him and Carol and Sinestro attacks Guy in the process, sparking a fight. Guy is saved from death by Ganthet's intervention as Ganthet blasts Hal and Sinestro away. A fight ensues between Sinestro and Ganthet and as Guy attempts to get Carol to safety, Hal fights him for Carol. When Guy insists she is fine, Hal attacks him. Ganthet notices the act and takes Hal's Power Ring away, rendering him unable to save Carol, who is falling out of the sky after Hal's attack on Guy.

As a powerless Hal falls after Carol, he calls to Sinestro to save her but Sinestro refuses and instead takes the opportunity to offer Hal a Yellow Power Ring, which Hal hesitates to accept. Sinestro reacts to the hesitation by chastising Hal that the situation isn't a moral quandary and highlighting the fact that Hal is powerless and unable to save Carol. Hal finally accepts the ring and becomes a member of the Sinestro Corps. Once he rescues Carol, she asks about his new change and Ganthet responds by saying Hal has fallen.

When Hal and Sinestro return to the battle, Sinestro kills John and pins the blame on Guy, at which point Hal becomes enraged and viciously attacks Guy. He rips off Guy's ring arm, rendering him powerless and throws him to his death on the ground below. He then returns to the battle to find Superman who, like Hal, is now wearing a Yellow Power Ring that saved him from incapacitation from Black Canary's kryptonite bullet , facing off against Ganthet, who declares Superman is no longer needed alive. Ganthet proceeds to attack and while Hal and Sinestro are affected, Superman is not and he attacks Ganthet, crashes him into Mogo and pushes both of them into the sun.

Afterward, Hal and Sinestro survey the aftermath of the battle and Hal asks what has happened to which Sinestro replies that they have saved the world. Hal then remains a member of the Sinestro Corps from then on.

Year Three

 Main article: Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Three Vol 1

Shortly after Ganthet's defeat, Hal and Sinestro both examine the ruined Hall of Justice, finding that Robin, Cyborg and Flash were all kidnapped, most likely by Batman. Hal continues working alongside the remaining Regime members before Superman meets The Spectre, who informs the Kryptonian of new, magical threats. As a part of this, Superman attacks Gotham to find Raven, only for it to be a trap laid by both Ragman and John Constantine. Although Hal is unable to locate Superman, Shazam is able to hear Superman's calls for help, and leads to the others to their friend. After the Spectre kills Ragman, Constantine is taken to the Hall of Justice for questioning, but Shazam is possessed by Deadman and drops Constantine. In response the Spectre rips through Brand, causing him to pass on involuntarily.

Later, while the Spectre is away, Hal, Sinestro and Superman are attacked by Etrigan. As Sinestro was overwhelmed by the demon's hellfire, Hal is tasked with pulling him out of the fight. During his absence, Batman would then puff a magical power on Superman, keeping him locked in a dream indefinitely.

Hal and Sinestro then keep Superman in the medical bay, when an astonished Wonder Woman, unaware of Year Two's events, breaks in and attacks Sinestro. Hal attempts to reason with her, but she mistakenly believes him to be under Sinestro's manipulation. Once the misunderstanding is cleared and Clark disposes of his Yellow Power Ring, the group are taken directly to the Tower of Fate by the Spectre, who has found Batman's hiding spot.

Their battle is later interrupted when Constantine lures in Trigon and fools the being into attacking Superman. To Hal's surprise, Mister Mxyzptlk comes to their rescue, having used the Spectre's garb to ward off the previous magical foes.

The two then take the fight near the base of the Insurgents at the House of Mystery. During this, Hal breaks into the House and attacks both Doctor Fate and Constantine, only for his ring to suddenly lose power. Since the fight between the two celestial being now threatens reality and has cut everyone off of their respective power source, Batman's group has both Shazam and Doctor Fate transport Trigon and Mister Mxyzptlk to the void, where they will never escape.

After the fight, Hal and the rest of the regime members are personally addressed and thanked by Superman for their continued fight against Batman.

Year Four

 Main article: Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Four Vol 1

Months have gone by since Trigon and Mister Mxyzptlk's banishing to the void, and Hal and the others are tasked with the renewed search for Batman. When Clark indifferently replies "we need to do better" to their tireless searching, Hal calls his friend out on the condescending behavior. In response, Clark haughtily tells him to drop his hurt feelings and do his job.

Before a fight can erupt, Diana arrives and warns him not to make more allies into enemies as Hal departs. Later, Renee Montoya knocks Damian unconscious and issues a challenge to Superman. As the fight wears on, the remaining Regime members intervene, but Superman pleads for Renee to stop, realizing she had overdosed on 5-U-93-R, and she dies of heart failure as a result.

A distraught Bruce Wayne arrives to take Renee's body, with a somber Superman letting his most hated foe off the hook under the promise of stopping further resistance, to the surprise of Hal and other Regime members. Soon after, Hermes arrives with the Amazonian army, demanding Superman to leave Earth. Diana then asks who would authorize such a command, while Damian and Cyborg arrive with the Regime's troops.

Just then, Batman's party also comes in to the side of Hermes. Hermes then asks for Diana to return to her homeland's side, but she vehemently refuses. While Superman doesn't desire to fight the Olympian's army, Hal immediately goes into a flurry as he had to slaughter his former friends in the Green Lantern Corp previously.

In act of defiance, Diana requests for judgement by combat, with Superman acting as his side's champion. As a result, Batman demands Diana to honor her heritage and fight as Zeus's champion. When Diana refuses and brawl breaks out, Zeus finally arrives and orders his daughter to fight. As their duel continues, Hal begins reminiscing of how he used to use willpower to overcome almost any obstacle that came his way, yet it was his fear that truly allowed him to power through such labors. In spite of his sensitivity to the emotion, he senses none in Superman and fears that he may lose everything despite this. Eventually, Superman is defeated by Wonder Woman but Sinestro stops her from making the killing blow.

This interference starts a fight between the Regime and the Olympian army, and Hal ends up charging at Artemis only to be knocked back by her shield. Superman, finally regaining composure, orders for the fighting to stop. Once order is reconvened, the gods give the Regime one more day to relinquish control of the planet.

Diana is then ordered to return to the side of the gods, but she resists and attacks Hermes, sparking another fight. As Superman's arm was still broken from the duel, Hal defends her from Hercules, but his fear is easily brushed aside by the demi-god, and Hal is nearly killed until Superman steps in once again.

At the conclusion of the fight, Shazam arrives and defeats Hercules, but refuses to kill the defeated opponent. Superman, who was launched in space, then charges straight for Hercules, killing the demi-god. As Hal and Cyborg tend to Diana, Shazam continues clashing against the other gods but is forcefully reverted back to Billy Batson. Zeus then demands Superman's surrender or Billy and most of the Earth will be scorched with their war. With no choice left, Superman concedes and disbands the Regime.

When Superman ends up taking Poseidon to fight Zeus, the incensed God immediately unleashes his wrath across the world, striking anyone following any other religion. As Superman is busy fighting Darkseid at Apokolips, the remaining members of the Regime meet at Atlantis and move to confront the Gods. To their surprise, Batman's Insurgents also arrive to assist them.

Later, Cyborg learns of a nuclear strike on their location, and Hal immediately attempts to intercept only to struck down by Eros and knocked out. Superman and Diana are then able to redirect the missiles and send them outer space instead. After the Highfather's negotiation with Zeus, the gods agree to return home and never interject into mortal affairs again.

During the Year Four Annual, Hal was among the Regime members that kept watch over Plastic Man who asks for his son's pardon. When this is denied, O'Brien takes matters into his own hands and infiltrates the Regime's prison complex, the Trench. Hal and the others attempt to stop the release of the prisoners, but Hal and Sinestro notice that the Kilowog's imprisoned Green Lanterns were now reacquiring their rings, leading to Sinestro shooting a blast through the prison's dome, killing Kilowog instantly, to Hal's disbelief. Due to the water pressure, the Regime is unable to enter the complex and can only watch as the prisoners escape through one of Mirror Master's portals.

Year Five

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Chasing after the escapees, Hal was left to fight Parasite, eventually getting help from Cyborg to fight the creature. Superman later arrives and takes control of the situation himself, taking Parasite to an undisclosed location. In the next meeting, however, Hal opens up at how they must now have someone like Bane in their employ, but Superman insists that he is making decisions in their best interest. When Wonder Woman tried to talk to her friend, he flatly refused and told them that it's no longer a democracy.

Later on, Hal and Sinestro were tasked with creating a new prison complex for the unrehabilitated prisoners. During the unveiling of one of Clark's new statues, the Rogues, under Batman's side, launched three simultaneous attacks on the world, with Hal being sent to investigate the site attacked by Heat Wave. Hal later apprehended Victor Zsasz before a fake Superman attacked Solomon Grundy and Clark. Hal then tried to trap the fake in a dome, but the fake broke through and Superman was unable to chase after being grabbed by Grundy.

After this, Hal, Clark and Diana remained on the hunt for the impostor Superman, finding out that he wandered his way to the Fortress of Solitude and was clashing against Doomsday. Eventually, Doomsday killed Bizarro, but only after Superman had to insert himself into the fight.

To the Regime's surprise Zsasz breaks into the Batcave and kills Alfred. Hal is particularly shocked as he personally captured the killer. Superman orders his subordinates to remain on high alert, as Batman predictably comes out of hiding to hunt Zsasz down. Although the enhanced Batman is able to beat up Clark, the effects of the Kryptonian pill wear off and Hal and Diana easily subdue Bruce. Before they can take him into custody, Barry, wishing to honor Alfred's memory, rescues Bruce and drops him off away from Hal and the others. With no choice, the Regime members then take the unconscious Zsasz back to prison.

Hal later approached Sinestro, wondering how the killer could've escaped. When Sinestro refused to answer, Hal angrily left to do his own investigation. Facing growing indecision, Hal met with Barry, stating that he felt that Zsasz couldn't be trusted in an interrogation, but Barry replied that the true fear is actually understanding Zsasz and accepting they now work with killers. Once Hal brought up the incident where a group of rioters named the Joker Underground were all left as fiery skeletons, Hal openly questioned what they have now become. In response, Barry only replied that he shouldn't ask questions if he doesn't intend to do anything.

Soon, an incident regarding Zsasz arises, with the murderer being killed in his own cell. Hal angrily confronts Sinestro on the matter, only for Sinestro to snidely reply, "Prison Justice". To Hal's further frustrations, surveillance for the cell at the time of the murder had conveniently stopped as well. Hal can only call the killing as cold-blooded murder.

Having finally grown weary of the constant strife, Catwoman finally defects to the Regime's side, giving Superman and the others the location of Batman's dimensional transporter in exchange for leaving Bruce alive. Batman, beaten and alone, then begins opening another talk with his former friends, remarking the dark path that led to the deaths of many of their old colleagues. Batman then shockingly accuses Superman of planning Alfred's murder, to Wonder Woman and Yellow Lantern's shock. Soon, however, Superman realizes the "talk" was only a ploy to stall for time, and Batgirl transports everyone to different locations.

In the Year Five Annual, Superman finally names himself as Earth's High Councillor, much to Hal's displeasure. As his first act since establishing his position, Superman has Hal and others aid Black Lightning and Atom's attempt to stabilize the ground zero Metropolis and reconstruct the city.

Fall of the Regime

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As Yellow Lantern

When Superman eventually made a decision to subjugate Earth under his One-Earth Regime, Sinestro decided to form an alliance with him since his One-Earth government is similar to his dictatorial rule over Korugar. Sinestro managed to convince Hal Jordan that fear is more effective than will power, thus making him give up the power of the Green Lantern and accept the yellow ring of fear, joining the Sinestro Corps.

When the prime universe's Hal Jordan encounters Yellow Lantern in Gotham City, Green Lantern stated that Yellow Lantern has traded green for yellow, the color of cowardice. They have a fight with Green Lantern winning the battle.

When the parallel universe's Batman's Insurgency leads a rescue mission to save the prime universe's Batman at Stryker's Island where he is due for execution, Yellow Lantern, along with other members of Superman's Regime, try to fend off the Insurgency. He clashes with Green Lantern again and eventually fights the Insurgent Batman to prevent prime universe Batman's escape to a losing fight. Parallel universe Batman then tells him that Superman is the enemy, not the Insurgency.

After Superman kills Shazam following his decision to back out from Superman's decision to destroy Metropolis and Gotham and the prime universe's cities, The Flash finally makes his decision about right and wrong and defects from the Regime. Yellow Lantern tells Flash that there is no "done" in the Regime and tries to prevent Flash from escaping. Flash breaks through Yellow Lantern's constructs and a fight ensues with Flash winning.

Eventually, the prime universe Superman manages to cross over and proceeds to save the parallel universe's Metropolis and Gotham City. Yellow Lantern, Sinestro, and Black Adam encounter him in Gotham. After defeating Black Adam, prime universe's Superman forcibly removes Sinestro's ring and says that Yellow Lantern still has a chance to do the right thing. Having said that, Hal Jordan surrenders and takes off his yellow ring.

After the prime universe's Superman defeats his his counterpart, many members of the Regime are arrested while Sinestro and Hal Jordan taken to Oa by the prime universe's Hal Jordan to stand trial in front of the Guardians of the Universe.

Before Brainiac

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Now standing trial for the deaths of over two hundred Green Lanterns during Superman's regime, Hal Jordan only pleads guilty. Rather than be locked up in a science cell, he is surprisingly sent to Harring to help repurpose the planet, with the remaining Guardians still believing that he may yet play a part for the universe.

A guilty Hal only apologizes to Guy Gardner before being reprimanded by Soranik for slacking. While Hal comments that the ring isn't meant for such a thing, Soranik retorts that Hal shouldn't be the one to lecture, given how he enabled the last survivor of one planet to be the destroyer of another. Hal is then met by Sinestro, who was transported to the same facility. Enraged over the deception of Sinestro throughout the years, Hal is pushed by Guy to attack Sinestro and is put in solitary confinement as a result.

While stuck in his cell, Hal once again apologizes to Guy, only for Guy to appear in his bloodied state, remarking that "sorry doesn't bring me back". His confinement on Harring is cut short when Atrocitus's Red Lanterns attack the planet to hunt down Sinestro. In order to keep Sinestro from breaking loose, Hal takes up one of the Red Lantern rings and orders the Green Lanterns to retreat back to Oa.

Hal then feigns loyalty as Atrocitus now prepares Starro the Conqueror against Oa. Before they reach the Guardians, Hal races towards the Green Lanterns and cuts off his finger in order to warn them of Atrocitus's arrival, but it comes too late and many of the lanterns fall to Starro's control thanks to its spores. Since the Green Lanterns' power battery was damaged and one of the Guardians, Sayd was now under Starro's command, Hal convinces the others to at least give him the ability to rescue the captured Greens. Before he can depart, Sinestro asks to be released in order to rescue his captured daughter from Atrocitus's forces.

In spite of his hatred for his foe, Hal supports the decision and convinces Salaak to provide one ring to Sinestro. In the critical moment of the battle, Hal calls on the other Lanterns and the accompanying Teen Titans to cover his charge as he heads straight for Sayd, ripping off her spore and freeing her from Starro. When Soranik attempts to shoot both Superboy and Wonder Girl, Sinestro stops his daughter but is impaled on the stomach. Using the last of his strength, he removes her spore before eventually dying to the wound, leaving Hal and the other Green Lanterns in mourning.

Once Atrocitus is finally forced to flee, Guy tells Hal that he may never truly get redemption for his past actions, but lightens that he may have taken the lesson of not siding with dictators that encourage killing. Guy then remarks to Hal that he should still look forward to the future, before disappearing, absolving Hal of his doubts and guilt under the Regime.

Hal later retrieves both Skeets and the unconscious Jaime Reyes, returning the youth's scarab after he learns of Booster Gold's sacrifice.

Brainiac's Invasion

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The Guardians later dispatch Green Lantern to Earth to help combat Brainiac's invasion.

Hal later meets the Flash in Gotham once the latter defeats the Reverse-Flash, but Barry still holds suspicion despite Green Lantern's assurances, going as far as to call him a mistake. After Flash defeats him, he told the Flash that he is trying to make things right because he betrayed his Corps, planet and friends. The Flash then says that he has been reminded of how he failed to be a hero, and that he have a long way to go to regain people's trust. Hal then tells Barry that they both have a long way to go, and that it would be easier if they were together.

After going to the Batcave, the Flash tries to tell Batman that they needed Hal's help, in which Batman rejects the latter because if Hal was still in charge, he would still be wearing yellow. Hal tries to tell Batman that he has reformed, but Batman remains silent. Hal then leaves, and Batman then decided to trust him. He then tells Hal to go to Atlantis to get Aquaman. Hal then tells Batman that Aquaman would not want to see him, but Batman tells him, "Get used to that.".

During his attempt to negotiate Aquaman's aid, Hal starts to get uncharacteristically angry. During this time, it is revealed Attrocitus had been manipulating Hal's mind in an attempt to get him to join the Red Lantern Corps. Hal overcomes his rage with his will, and defeats Atrocitus.

When Brainiac is defeated, it is revealed that Coast City was lost in Superman's attempt to control the Skull ship. Like Flash, Hal sides with Batman in keeping Brainiac alive to retrieve the lost cities, and they end up battling against Superman's heroes over what to do with the defeated collector. Hal would soon face Superman, and Hal proceeds to fling Superman into Gotham where the two do battle. Superman initially attempts to appeal to Hal saying that Brainiac had to be killed for his crimes and that Hal should remember that Brainiac was responsible for the loss of Coast City and Carol. While it seems that Hal would've fallen into Atrocitus's rage once again, he quickly regains control and replies that anger would not bring the city back; just like how Superman failed to bring back Lois. Ultimately, Hal is no match for Superman and has his hand crushed. The injured Hal is left behind when Superman fights Flash.

Possible Post-Brainiac Epilogue

Injustice Gods Among Us Vol 1 1 Textless.jpg
This section of history takes place in a timeline outside that of normal Injustice canon.
Upon beating "Classic" mode in Injustice: Gods Among Us or "Multiverse" mode in Injustice 2 with any playable fighter, the player would receive a possible alternate ending to the game's story featuring their fighter. These alternate histories should not be seen as relevant to future sequels or comic adaptations.
Green Lantern Injustice 2 Epilogue.JPG

The Guardians ordered me to bring Brainiac back to Oa to stand trial. I was plenty happy to put a few thousand light years between that alien and Earth.

After the trial, the Guardians dropped a bombshell on me. Sinestro was free. Busted outta their ScienceCells. A frontal assault on the Sinestro Corps was a no-go. Us Greens were still weak from fighting Superman's regime. That's why I volunteered to go undercover - as a Yellow Lantern. To pass, I need to re-embrace my fear. But fear's an addiction. Once I've picked up the bottle, it's gonna be awfully hard putting it back down again. I just hope I have the will to see it through."






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