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Green Lantern is a member of the Justice League and the Insurgency.

Green Lantern fights Sinestro high above Metropolis. Hal emerges as the victor in their skirmish, and pursues the Joker when he acquires a nuclear device meant to destroy Metropolis. With Green Arrow and Aquaman in tow, he attempts to take the Joker on but is transported, along with Aquaman, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, Joker and Batman to an alternate Earth. In Gotham, the heroes, sans Joker and Batman who were teleported to an alternate version of Metropolis, discuss what plan of action they should take to return home. Aquaman leaves for Atlantis in order to discern if this universe is their own timeline or an alternate one. Hal leaves Oliver and Diana so that he can recharge his power ring and take them all up to the Justice League Watchtower.

When he arrives at Ferris Aircraft, his ring tells him that his power battery should be in Carol Ferris' office, third door on his left. When Hal realizes that the provided location is incorrect, he hears the muffled screams of Deathstroke being tortured by Raven and Cyborg. Hal creates an energy shield around Slade and fights Raven and Victor, defeating them both. He breaks the bonds on Deathstroke, who shoves him away thinking him to be a member of the Regime. When Lantern asks Slade who did this to the ex-Titans and to Deathstroke, the assassin asks Lantern who the only person is "who can keep metas like them in line?"

Wonder Woman contacts Lantern on his ring, informing him that Sinestro is attacking various citizens and that he needs to return. After charging his ring, he confronts Sinestro and defeats the Korugarian. Hal returns to Diana, but Hal's alternate counterpart, now a member of the Sinestro Corps, appears. The Green Lantern combats and defeats the Yellow Lantern, and Green Arrow, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern vacate the area before they are found by Regime forces. When Oliver asks if there are any good guys in this world, the alternate Batman appears.

Later, Hal helps break up a clash between Regime soldiers and members of the Joker Clan.

Hal travels to outside Wayne Manor, where Bruce reveals Metropolis' destruction, Superman's subsequent rise to power, and the death of the Insurgent Green Arrow. Hal enters Wayne Manor alongside Arrow and Wonder Woman, wherein Oliver disables the automated sentry guns. When they attempt to enter the Study, where the entrance to the Batcave is, Killer Frost blasts the door open and subdues Hal. Solomon Grundy then attacks Green Arrow, but is defeated by Ollie. Hal takes Grundy outside the manor to subdue him.

In the Batcave, Hal assists with isolating the Kryptonite device that Batman has intended to use in the takedown of Superman. Wonder Woman and Black Adam appear with the intent to apprehend the Insurgents, but are defeated. However, Black Adam manages to unleash a lightning storm inside the Batcave, subduing everyone except Green Arrow and damaging the Kryptonite weapon.

When various members of the Regime infiltrate the Batcave, Hal assists in taking them down. Upon the fall of the Regime, Hal escorts Sinestro and his Regime counterpart to Oa where they face trial by the Guardians of the Universe.

Possible Post-Regime Epilogue

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Mere days after returning to his Earth, Green Lantern, in an event mirroring his ascension to the Corps, witnessed the crash landing of an alien ship. Investigating the wreckage, he encountered the pilot, who claimed to be Abin Sur. But this Abin Sur wore no power ring and referred to him in halting breaths as The Almighty One.

Green Lantern tried to convince the alien of their past, that Abin Sur had named Hal Jordan his successor as Green Lantern of Sector 2814, but the alien died from its wounds before Lantern could learn more about him. Lantern left immediately for Oa. The Guardians were his only hope for solving this mystery.





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