Quote1 This isn't vengeance, Sinestro. It's JUSTICE. Quote2
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Hal Jordan is a test pilot for Ferris Aircraft who has gone faster, father and higher than anything he could ever hope or dream.

Years ago, he was givena ring by a dying alien. The ring was powered by another world's energy source. It allows Jordan to create, through imagination alone, whatever he desires. With it, he can fly, form giant objects to be used as weapons or tools, or survive the rigers of space. His is not the only ring. He is a member of the Green Lantern Corps. This alien league polices the universe, and they are led by a race known as the Guardians.

The ring's charge lasts only about twenty-four hours. This, Jordan admits, is his only weakness. But he forgets that Jordan himself is a weakness. Superman will tell the world that Jordan is a hero who saved the world many times. But his will power to form things according to his whim is not the result of discipline. It is not the result of testing or wisdom. When the alien gave him the ring, it chose Jordan because he was fearless.[1]



  • Yellow Impurity: His Power Ring cannot affect yellow objects. As such he has had problems fighting Sinestro who frequently uses his yellow costume and ring.




Oath unknown.



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