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Hal Jordan is a Green Lantern from a Last 52 reality where he and the Green Lanterns turned the Guardians of the Universe into drones to ensure the safety of the humanity but, instead of saving them, they created a regime under their control.

In this reality, Hal Jordan became a Green Lantern and operated a superhero and a galactic policeman in his Corps under the surveillance of the Guardians of the Universe.

At some point in time, Hal saw Earth becoming a "bad place" and ultimately decided, along with his fellow Lanterns, to store the Guardians' mind into robotic drones that the Green Lanterns called Steel Guardians. Hal became their leader and allowed them to take over the Earth, which was rebranded as New Oa, creating a regime that imposed a curfew for humanity.

Years later, after a group of Steel Guardians clashed with an old Green Arrow who almost destoyed them, Hal Jordan was forced to step into the battlefield and confront the hero himself. Oliver Queen noted how much his old friend was changed as he was no more the hero that fought with him but Hal Jordan replied that he needed to create the Guardians as Earth needed to be protected. Then, Oliver asked him to remove his ring: after refusing to do so, Hal Jordan assaulted him, preparing himself to attack him with his power ring while Green Arrow fired a yellow trick arrow at him.[1]




  • During their encounter, Oliver Queen implied that Hal's ring may have corrupted him and the other Green Lanterns into becoming their dark selves.



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