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Hal Jordan is Green Lantern, an intergalactic policeman.

In the final battle, Superman defeated Darkseid and banished him. After the crisis, Green Lantern Followed Captain Marvel and was ambushed by Sonya. After being defeated, Captain Marvel knocked out Sonya and they both escaped. Upon returning to the U.N. Orbital Station, he extracts Batman. After a while, he witnesses Captain Marvel's Rage and is transported to Oa. Lex Luthor unexpectedly appears and, infected with rage, attacks him. Green Lantern defeats Luthor before they are interrupted by the Guardians. After returning to Earth, Green Lantern leaves Luthor and Catwoman as he is going to the U.N. Orbital Station. As he arrives, Jax attacks and, after being defeated, is backed up by Sonya. After the ensuing fight, he ultimately defeats her. Green Lantern later joins Superman to the Fortress of Solitude. They fighting Liu Kang and Shang Tsung and were defeated by the MK-warriors. But Lantern gets up and knocks out a suprised Liu Kang. He is than finally defeated by Shang Tsung. Later Green Lantern is among the heroes and villains that meet Luthor and Catwoman. Luthor opens a Special Forces portal and they go to Apokolips where the final battle begins.

For his Arcade ending, a mysterious pyramid appears on a distant planet catching the attention of the Sinestro Corps and the Green Lantern Corps.





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