The Longest Night

Hal was one of the many Superheroes who abandoned Earth after the Malazza-Rem invasion that caused humanity to turn against its heroes, and the annihilation of Coast City. Overcome with guilt, he returned and dug graves for the citizens he once protected. He was eventually happened upon by Superman,Wonder Woman, and Jimmy Olsen who asked him to join them in an attempt to take back the planet. He agreed, and Batman also joined their crusade. They then stop in Seattle, Washington to enlist Flash, and continue on their way to Metropolis. Along the way they encounter a young Meta-Human named Superboy who had just haphazardly destroyed a Malazza-Rem stronghold. Batman then insists he join them so that they can monitor his activity. In Metropolis, they find Metallex, with whom they form the Super Seven.

Men of Steel

Lana Lang leads the Super Seven into a trap which causes a shield to be lowered over the city. Green Lantern then fights the oncoming horde with Flash, Metallex, Superman, Wonder Woman and the resistance soldiers until Wonder Woman is killed. They regroup and go out to fight again while Batman and Superboy try to take down the ship from which the shield is projected. They are successful at the cost of Batman's life. Superman and Superboy then leave to find the Malazza-Rem's leader Grend'll, and Flash takes a spear that was headed for Hal's back. The Malazza-Rem then fall apart when Superman (Really Superboy in the deceased Superman's costume) flew out of the ship with Grend'll's body. After the battle, Hal decides to head out to find new Meta-Humans, and possibly form a new Justice League.




Oath unknown.



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