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"The Prism of Time, Part Two: Ripped from the Future": John, Kyle and Hal all observe Soranik run tests on the man calling himself "Rip Hunter", she tells them that all she can discover is that he is indeed human. Hal voices his anger that Rip has a Green Lantern Ring, as he feels that Rip may h

Quote1.png You gave me the ring, John. You said when the hour was late, it would prove I'm an ally, not an enemy. And the hour is very late indeed. Quote2.png
Rip Hunter

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #19 is an issue of the series Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 2017. It was published on April 26, 2017.

Synopsis for "The Prism of Time, Part Two: Ripped from the Future"

John, Kyle and Hal all observe Soranik run tests on the man calling himself "Rip Hunter", she tells them that all she can discover is that he is indeed human. Hal voices his anger that Rip has a Green Lantern Ring, as he feels that Rip may have stolen it from Jessica Cruz or Simon Baz. When Hal attempts to remove the ring, it shocks him. John then overrides the ring using his status as Corps leader. John asks what person the ring is assigned to, to which the ring replies that it wasn't assigned. Kyle declares that it must be a fake, as no one can create their own ring, Hal brags however, that he created his own ring. John asks when the ring's last update was, to which it replies "Earth Year 2047". At that moment, Rip jumps awake and attacks John. Hal and Kyle subdue Rip. Rip then calms down, recognizing John, and relived that the Green Lanterns are still around. Rip calls all the human Lanterns by their real names, which Kyle finds disconcerting. John asks Rip where he got the ring, Rip replies that John is the one that game him the ring.

Elsewhere, Space Ape asks if Gorin-Sunn is okay, to which he says he's is alive. Gorin tells Space Ape that he should have flown off when he had the chance, but Space Ape tells him they are partners, and that he wouldn't abandon a partner. As they are talking, a voice is heard, and mysterious man walks out. He says he hates the camaraderie between the two. Gorin is relived that he has something to shoot and fires an energy blast that is deflecting by a prism beast deflects the blast. He warns Gorin and Space Ape that if they continue to attack, he will have the prism beasts kill them. He also refers to Space Ape as "Prince Lorix", angering Space Ape, as only his people can call him "Lorix". The man apologizes, explaining that he hasn't "visited history before", and how he intends to mend the future.

Back on Mogo, John tells Rip he has his attention. Rip requests his ring in order to tell him his story but Hal advises against it, and John agrees; weary of a possible trap. Rip relents and has his ring show them the image of the man he's trying to catch, the same man that confronted Lorix and Gorin.

Back with Lorix and Gorin, the man tells them his name is Sarko. Sarko says he is the last advocate for the yellow light of fear in his time. He goes on to explain that the Yellow Lanterns are no more. Gorin takes this to mean there was a war between the Green Lanterns and the Yellow Lanterns. But Sarko corrects him, saying that there was not war, and that the Yellow Lanterns lost "them selves". He tells his tale of how John's plan was successful, and that the first step of the decline of the Yellow Lanterns was the construction of the Yellow Lantern Central Battery on Mogo. He goes on to say that while there was hostility between the Yellows and the Greens, Guy and Arkillo's partnership served as an example for the other Lanterns. Eventually, Soranik made the decision to disband the Yellow Lanterns, and have the Yellow Lantern Central Battery dismantled, and the former Yellow Lanterns became Green Lanterns in their own right. Gorin and Lorix don't buy the story, but Sarko simply tells them that a new day will down, not long from now. He says that the Green Lanterns are weak, and have never been able to maintain order, as Sinestro preached. Gorin tells Sarko that his pets won't be able to defeat the Green Lantern Corps. Sarko replies to Gorin that his beasts are much more than Gorin can understand. The prism beasts then fly out towards Mogo.

Back on Mogo, finishes his story, telling them that Sarko is a zealot, and that he's been chasing him throughout time. He says Sarko was searching for something, he doesn't know what, but he thinks Sarko found it. Rip tells John the clock is ticking. John thinks for a moment and tells Kyle to make sure all rings are charged, and advises Soranik to do the same for her Lanterns. John then tells Rip to tell him everything from the beginning.

As Kyle and Soranik fly out, Kyle asks Sora what she thinks. Soranik believes Rip, as her father brought his power ring from another universe, so time travel isn't a stranger. Kyle then asks what Soranik could ask Rip's ring any question, what it would be. Sora tells him she wouldn't ask any question, saying any change creates a domino effect that multiplies like a tumor. Kyle tells Sora she needs to lighten up, and proposes they watch the Terminator movies, but only the first two. Sora grows exacerbated, but Kyle pushes on, saying it doesn't even have to be called a "date", and jokes that she can ask Rip's ring what he'll be wearing so their outfits don't clash. Sora says he's talking about "ancient history". Kyle tells her he's serious, and now that he's a Green Lantern again, he remembers what it used to be like, and how much he liked how they used be. She is baffled that with the future at stake, he's asking her out. Kyle says it's the artist in him, and creates hard light constructs of roses. Sora cuts them with a construct of clippers, and tells him John gave him an order. As she fly's off, Kyle tells her that she didn't say "no" to the date. She tells him to check and his Lanterns and calls him "stud", playfully.

Meanwhile, Hal asks Rip if he knows what Sarko changed, and Rip replies that he only knows what happened in the aftermath. Rip continues to act like he knows John at a personal level, and John tells him to cut it out. Rip tells them that Sarko went to Sector 563, shocking Hal. John states that's where Salaak lost comms with Space Ape and Gorin. Salaak then interrupts, saying that a large invasion force is incoming. All Lanterns, Yellow and Green, are mobilized.

John tries to give Hal and order, but Hal states that while John is the thinker, Hal is the "doer", and that he'll buy John time to formulate a plan. Hal attacks the prism beasts with missile constructs that are cut to pieces. When John demands a report Hal replies, "Houston, we have a big problem".

Appearing in "The Prism of Time, Part Two: Ripped from the Future"

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  • Sarko (First appearance)
    • Prism Beasts

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  • Sector 0 (Sarko's flashback and main story)
    • Mogo (Sarko's flashback and main story)
      • Infirmary
  • Sector 563
    • Planet 563.287


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