"The Prism of Time, Conclusion: Gauntlet": While Hal and Rip Hunter are flying toward Sector 563, Rip informs Hal that his records haven't changed, and that the Green Lantern Corps will disappear "today". Hal tells Rip that he probably met him at some point in the future as Rip is wearing a Gree

Quote1.png Rip, you say you're from the future. You were wearing a Green Lantern Ring to prove you're a friend. That means we've probably met somewhere down the line. So you should already know that I don't get boxed in by facts. Quote2.png
Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #21 is an issue of the series Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps (Volume 1) with a cover date of July, 2017. It was published on May 24, 2017.

Synopsis for "The Prism of Time, Conclusion: Gauntlet"

While Hal and Rip Hunter are flying toward Sector 563, Rip informs Hal that his records haven't changed, and that the Green Lantern Corps will disappear "today". Hal tells Rip that he probably met him at some point in the future as Rip is wearing a Green Lantern Ring, and that Rip should know that facts don't box him in. Rip replies that he is only suggesting that the solution Sarko's incursion might not be confronting him alone to retrieve Krona's gauntlet. Hal tells him that people think that because they all wear a Green Lantern Ring that they're all the same, but that's wrong; there are many different ways to channel the power of will. Hal tells him how Guy steps right into the line of fire and accepts that bad things will happen to him, but he'll be taking the beating and not an innocent being. Kyle just does what is right to help people. John is the smart one, he determines when the right moment to strike comes; his will is about restraint (something Hal doesn't understand). Rip asks what makes him different; Hal tells him that he "doesn't lose". Hal then tells him when you're in the Green Lantern Corps you're never alone.

On the planet Mogo, John tells the Lanterns that they're all alone, and that because the prism beasts are immune to their ring attacks they have to "go back to basics". Meanwhile, Tomar-Tu hides away from both the Corps and the prism beasts. John tells them that they have to hold out long enough for Hal to accomplish him mission. They then launch a physical attack on the prism beasts.

Meanwhile, Kyle and Soranik have brought the wounded to a safe location and Kyle tells her that they have to help their friends, at which point Soranik interrupts him with a kiss, which Kyle returns. As they run out to help their comrades, Kyle tells Soranik that if they survive this battle, he gets to take her on a date, and she calls it a deal.

At Sector 563, Sarko calls the Yellow and Green Lanterns strategy to fight without their rings "bold", but ultimately pointless, and that their alliance will destroyed and that Mogo will be burnt to cinders, and atop those cinders he will build a new Sinestro Corps that will only be loyal to intentions of Sinestro himself. Sarko then taunts Gorin-Sunn and Space Ape. At that moment Hal and Rip arrive. Sarko remarks that Rip has no vision, as he simply brought "the greatest Green Lantern of them all" with him. Sarko remarks that Sinestro would laugh to know that Hal would have the power to restore his Corps. Hal then realizes that Krona's Gauntlet was only a weapon when he buried it, but now it's alive.

On Mogo the battle rages, with Lanterns, Green and Yellow, engaging the prism beasts. John throws a rock at a prism beast to no effect, but is saved by Raynunn when he smashes it with his massive fist. Kyle and Soranik arrive with weapons that they raided from the weapons locker. John remarks they would have made good marines, and Guy finds John using the past tense disconcerting. A prism beast then knocks Soranik, Kyle and Guy onto the ground, and several prism beasts surround Soranik. Kyle tells her to escape, but Soranik notes that they aren't attacking her for some reason. John is then knocked onto the ground as well, and Rip's ring around his neck comes loose. Kyle, desperate to save his friends and despite John's warning, asks the ring how to save them. The ring then targets Kyle and Soranik for termination. When Kyle asks the ring to explain, the ring projects the lineage of Sarko, that shows Soranik as Sarko's mother but the father is obscured. Kyle then slips on his ring and flies to go to Hal at Sector 563.

At Sector 563, Hal is having trouble against the living Krona's Gauntlet. Hal realizes that while the Gauntlet was turning him into pure will, he changed it by seeping consciousness into the Gauntlet, and gave it purpose. Rip asks Hal if he remembers where he buried the Gauntlet, and Hal tells Rip that it's buried right in front him, and tells Rip to stay put while he deals with the living Gauntlet. Just as the Gauntlet is about rush Hal, Rip throws up a shield and tells Hal to dig, all the while the situation on Mogo grows dire. Just as the shield falls, Hal retrieves Krona's Gauntlet and breaks it in two. The living Gauntlet explodes, blasting two holes into Sarko's chest, mortally wounding him. All the while on Mogo the prism beasts start to disappear. The living Gauntlet also disappears, as with Krona's Gauntlet destroyed Sarko can't bring it back to his time. Kyle then arrives, remarking that he's "too late" to which Sarko smiles and says, "you're… just… in time", and dies. Hal tells Kyle that everything is all right, it's time to go, but Kyle refuses to leave Sarko on the planet, that he "belongs in a better place".

The next day Hal puts the Gauntlet back in secure storage, and as he leaves, it turns on. Rip prepares to leave to stop the theft of Earth's historical relics. John then gives Rip back his ring, with Rip remarking that he knew John wouldn't try to find out about the future. John tells him he gives him too much credit, and that he thought about downloading its data before returning it to Rip. Rip tells him he never doubted him for a moment and departs. Guy tells John it would have been nice to know the outcome of the next twenty Super Bowls, as being a Green Lantern doesn't come with a pension. John says that it wouldn't stop there, and he's had enough dealing with the here and now, and that he should let someone else deal with the future. All the while, Kyle sits on his bed, demoralized, as he remarks that Sarko was his son…

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