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"Bats out of Hell, Part Three: None More Black": Hal Jordan considers how many people must live in the whole Multiverse. Probably more than trillions.

Quote1.png You stepped up to the mic with your emo crap. I came to rock. And my show isn't over. The lights are still on. Quote2.png
Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #32 is an issue of the series Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 2018. It was published on November 8, 2017.

Synopsis for "Bats out of Hell, Part Three: None More Black"

Hal Jordan considers how many people must live in the whole Multiverse. Probably more than trillions.

Hal remembers better times: In Space Sector 2814, in Coast City, Earth, Guy Gardner, John Stewart and Kyle Rayner are planning new buildings and locations for Coast City, while asking themselves where is Hal. He's actually using his powers to play with his nephew and niece and to show them the Coast City sign, which recites "The City without Fear". He explains them that, although superheroes inspire people, he's inspired by the people of the city, included them.

Now, Coast City is "in a world of trouble", like its fellow cities Metropolis, Washington, D.C., Central City, Amnesty Bay, Detroit and especially Gotham City, because of the arrival of Barbatos of the Dark Multiverse.

Deep underground, in the nightmare Batcave of the Dawnbreaker, Hal is lost in darkness, being attacked by his foe by surprise and surrounded by scary voices from his past. Hal doesn't seem to be scared by any of that, though. Dawnbreaker reveals that his power is to have a ring that actually absorbs light, like a portable Black Hole: this impresses Jordan, but he reacts quickly using the Strobe mode of his ring. Activating in flashes, the Dawnbreaker can't catch the light and absorb it. The two begin a fight under the flashing light of Hal's ring, culminating in him punching repeatedly Dawnbreaker with a construct robot, as the light shows the corpses of some famous characters in the Green Lantern mythos, killed by Dawnbreaker in his own reality. Hal finally feels comfortable turning the lights on for good, so he explains he didn't receive that ring, he actually created it and now he's gonna burn his foe out with it.

Dawnbreaker fights fire with fire, creating actual constructs of Hal's greatest fears, which he gladly takes on. Unfortunately, though, it appears that Hal couldn't stand them, as he's dragged away, defeated, by Dawnbreaker. He's taken to the Cosmic Tuning Fork, where the Dark Knights gather again, each with their own victim.

Meanwhile, in the secret location where The Batman Who Laughs took Cyborg, he and Murder Machine discuss the true goal of Victor Stone's kidnapping: they want to take out of his chest a metal called "Element X", an extremely powerful material it seems, capable of giving them the means to destroy the entire Multiverse.

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  • Like many issue titles part of the Dark Nights:Metal event, this issue is named after a popular metal song, album or band. In this case, the band None More Black

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