Nothing is known about Halflife's past, including how he became a cyborg. It is known that this ruthless mercenary has hired out his services to some of America's most notorious crimelords.

Halflife's latest client was Milton St. Cloud, a member of the Coalition, an alliance of the most powerful crime bosses in Dakota City. The Coalition had invested heavily in Utopia Park, a multi-billion dollar futuristic theme park established on Paris Island that would be a huge financial windfall for them. However, construction of the park bred resentment among Paris Island residents, many of whom had been evicted from their land and into hastily built projects.[1] Realizing the potential backlash, St. Cloud and rival crimelord Pyre agreed to create a team of superhuman muscle to protect Utopia Park. To that end, St. Cloud selected Halflife and one of his personal enforcers, Z, to join the team, which was dubbed Pyre's Brigade.[1]

Sure enough, on opening day, the superhuman gang called the Blood Syndicate led a crowd of Paris Island residents to the gates of Utopia Park to protest their mistreatment.[1] Pyre’s Brigade moved in to diffuse the situation, but instead wound up engaging the Syndicate in fierce combat. As the tide of battle began to turn against the Brigade, an infuriated Pyre unleashed his full pyrokinetic fury against everyone around him.[2] Halflife and Z would have been killed in the resulting firestorm if Syndicate member DMZ had not flown them to safety. The invulnerable Wise Son of the Syndicate then used reason to calm Pyre down and end his rampage.[2]

Halflife and Z thanked the Blood Syndicate for saving their lives.[2] The gang's leader, Tech-9, told them to leave after firing a bullet into the air. Halflife and Z took the hint that they were no longer welcome and fled from the scene.[2]


  • Cybernetic Enhancement: As a cybernetic organism, Halflife's superhuman physical abilities derive from the bionic parts surgically joined to the still functional parts of his organic body.[1] His legs and possibly his entire lower body have been replaced with cybernetic prosthesis.[1] His forearms have been similarly augmented. The most extensive modification was the replacement of his mouth and throat with a miniature energy cannon concealed by a pair of metallic jaw plates.[2] This weapon is powered by a reactor located within Halflife's torso. His now removed vocal cords have been replace with a built-in speech synthesizer.[2]
    Due to all these augmentations and modifications, Halflife possesses a number of superhuman powers.
    • Superhuman Durability: Halflife is far more resistant to physical injury than a normal human due his body's partly artificial construction.[2]
    • Super-Leaping: His legs are equipped with catapult-like mechanisms, enabling him to perform a standing high jump superior to that of an Olympic athelete.[2]
    • Energy Projection: However, Halflife's most formidable capability is his energy cannon.[2] With a simple thought, he can cause his mouth plates to open to activate the cannon. The weapon then unleashes a stream of unknown energy that quickly vaporizes its target.[2] So far, Wise Son's invulnerable skin is the only substance that has withstood a direct hit from the energy cannon.[2]


How Halflife eats and drinks without a normal mouth is unknown.


Energy cannon built into artificial mouth

Enemy of the Blood Syndicate



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