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In this continuity, the Hall of Justice was the headquarters of the Super Friends. Later, when they changed their name to 'The Super Powers Team', the Hall was remodeled to be a five-cornered star fort, although the front entrance resembled the original frontage.

Quote1 There is a hall that is known all around the world. It is one of the most famous buildings ever constructed. To most on Earth, the hall is synonymous with the idea of justice. It is populated by living gods, people of steel capable of unimaginable feats. Quote2

The Hall of Justice is an iconic building that serves as a headquarters for the Justice League.


Super Friends

In this continuity, the Hall of Justice was the headquarters of the Super Friends. Later, when they changed their name to 'The Super Powers Team', the Hall was remodeled to be a five-cornered star fort, although the front entrance resembled the original frontage.

New Earth

The Hall of Justice was constructed by the Justice League of America, a year after the destruction of the previous Justice League Watchtower, and located in Washington, D.C. and in the same location as the JSA and All-Star Squadron original headquarters. The Hall was designed by Green Lantern (John Stewart) and Wonder Woman, and financed by Batman and built from scratch by Superman.

The basement of the Hall was used as the new burial place for the fallen heroes that were formerly buried at Valhalla Cemetery. The exact location of the burial place was four hundred yards below the main building and it served the purpose of protecting the bodies of the fallen heroes from being desecrated by evil forces.[1]

Prime Earth

One amongst many of headquarters possessed by the Justice League over their long existence, the Hall was situated in the nation's capitol. Shortly after Barry Allen returned from the Flashpoint, the Hall of Justice was claimed by the United Nations to be the headquarters of their new "Justice League International" team. It was shortly thereafter destroyed or heavily damaged by the threatening ancient robots known as the Signal Men[2].

A second Hall was constructed in the wake of the "Omega Titans" event, to serve as a rallying location for the super hero community. Its cladding is a specific calcite from the Butterfly Nebula, chosen by Superman to glow at night[3].

Most of the ground floor is a publicly accessible museum dedicated to heroes and souvenirs of their battles[4]. However, a series of doors only visible to Martian Manhunter and people he trusts connect to the actual headquarters, including a basement storing dangerous magic artefacts[5]. It contains a cafeteria staffed by some of the best cooks in the world, including longtime Wonder Woman ally Ferdinand.

The Hall can generate a strong forcefield around itself[6]. Also, it can fly under its own power.

In the wake of the "Beast World" event, the Hall has been taken over by Amanda Waller's Bureau of Sovereignty, and renamed the Hall of Order.[7]


In Earth-1, there is no Hall, but there is a similar S.T.A.R. Labs hangar, built by Harrison Wells for an unknown purpose. As it was large and unoccupied, it was used as a rallying place for several heroes when the Earth was attacked by Dominators[8] and by the Anti-Monitor.[9] After the death of Green Arrow, the heroes agreed to form a semi-permanent alliance headquartered in this Hall on Earth-Prime.[10]

Points of Interest

These are the known rooms located in the Hall of Justice:

  • High Technology Clean Lab #2 (H.T.C.L. 2): The most advanced laboratory of it's kind in North America.
  • The Kitchen: The League's combat training room
Justice League Morgue

The Morgue

  • The Morgue: Where the JLA keeps the bodies of their enemies. Mainly for the purpose of protecting the corpses from body snatching operations that are harvesting superhuman parts for re-use. It is located three stories below the Meeting Room.
  • The Trophy Room: Features weapons used by villains and heroes; all the weapons were dismantled and made useless by Batman.
  • Auxiliary Robotics Lab
  • Main Conference/Meeting Room
  • Nuclear Lab
  • Storage Rooms 1–12
  • Slideways Control Bay: Teleportation room that connects to the Justice League Satellite.
  • Gift Shop

Dark Quarters

Located half a mile under the Hall of Justice is the headquarters for the Justice League Dark. The headquarters was built during Wonder Woman's tenure as JLD's team leader, granted to her by the original Justice League.[11] The purpose of the Dark Quarters was primarly to catalogue and house the most dangerous magical items.[12] The Dark Quarters also has powerful protection enchantments provided by Wonder Woman's divine connections, the enchantments being both works of various gods and angelic forces



  • The Hall is reinforced with blast resistant concrete and 400–436 tons of titanium plates.
  • The Hall shares the same diplomatic privileges as a foreign embassy. They can legally give asylum to anyone they want, including supervillains.
  • The Hall contains at least 12 floors.
  • In the parallel universe of Universe of Evil, the counterpart to the Hall of Justice is called the "Hall of Evil".
  • Starting in Justice League Vol 4, the Hall is shown to be mobile and capable of flight.
  • In the alternate universe presented in Tales from the Dark Multiverse: Dark Nights Metal, the Hall of Justice is renamed the "Ha of Justice" by its version of the Batman Who Laughs.


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