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Hallucinatra is the leader of the Hypomen and an enemy of the Titans.

Just a lowly medical scientist, Hallucinatra was one of the first to witness the tragedy that drugs laid on his planet. Driven to extreme measures he tried to find a way to get his people off one drug and onto another that was less harmful. He invented the Hypomen to ween them off the current drug but without constant stimulation from the Hypomen his people became addicted and suffered terrible deaths without it. Finally, totally insane; Hallucinatra honed his hallucinatory skills and took total control of the planet. Under his direction they go no where but sit and wallow until the Titans showed up in search of two of the planets residents that had caused unrest on Earth.




  • Old Age: He cannot function correctly due to his old age and tired muscles.
    • Physically Weak: He is weaker than regular humans and cannot physically lift is own body weight.
    • Mental Illness: He is insane due to untreated illnesses during old age and hallucinatory drugs.


  • Medical Apparatus: He has all sorts of IVs and fluid pumps that keep him alive and fuel his powers.



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