Hamilton Hill was the corrupt mayor of Gotham City.

His rise to power was due to his secret and criminal affiliation with Carmine Falcone and Thomas Wayne. Although Hill was long suspected of numerous crimes, his influence over the city ensures his immunity from the law. Upon learning that Martha Wayne planned to expose Hill's and his colleagues' corruption, Hill arranged the Waynes' deaths by hiring Joe Chill to committing the deed.

Twenty years later, Hill's grasp over Gotham was challenged by Gotham's District Attorney Harvey Dent, who posed to run for the city's next mayor. Threatened by Dent's campaign, Hill resorted to hiring the Penguin and leaked information about the Waynes' connections to Falcone in order to discredit Dent's campaign and their sponsor Bruce Wayne.

Unfortunately for Hill, the Penguin betrayed him. During a public debate between Hill and Dent, Penguin and his men, the Children of Arkham, attacked the debate and hold Hill and Dent hostage. Hill was then drugged in which the drug's influence caused him to reveal his true disdainful nature to the public. When the Batman and Catwoman attempt to save the hostages, the Penguin hold Hill at gunpoint and prepare to kill him in revenge for being involve in committing Esther Cobblepot. Hill pleaded for his life to Penguin, explaining to him that he arranged the assassinations of the Waynes all the while that was being listened by Batman. Despite Hill's pleas, Penguin brutally gunned down the mayor.

Following Hill's death, Harvey Dent automatically became the new Mayor of Gotham City.




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