Hamilton Hill was a mayor of Gotham City.

Hill started out as a lawyer and used to share the commuter train with Temple Fugate. Hill once advised Fugate to loose his schedule and the events following caused Fugate to become The Clock King and to seek revenge against Hill. [1]

Years later, Hill was elected as mayor of Gotham City. As mayor, Hill began the construction of Stonegate Penitentiary as one of his first actions.[2] Some time later, he granted Detective Bullock permission to use a special task force for capturing Batman.[3]

One time, Hill compared Joker with Batman, causing the criminal's wrath. Joker invaded Hill's home, set an explosive on his garden and caused his son to leave home. Hill was crushed by his son's disappearance, but Batman saved the kid from the Joker and delivered him back home.[4]




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