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Quote1.png We Hills were not meant to be civil servants, we were destined to be rulers! Quote2.png
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Hamilton Hill was the corrupt mayor of Gotham City.

Hill started out as a lawyer and used to share the commuter train with Temple Fugate. When Fugate was tense about a lawsuit, Hill gave Fugate some free legal advice; saying he should slightly rearrange his work schedule and get away from the office. Although well-meaning, it caused a chain reaction that caused Fugate to fail to be appear in court and the judge declared the lawsuit valid. When Fugate protested he was bankrupted by this, the judge remarked "Maybe this will teach you to be on time". As Fugate had spent his entire life being devoted to time management and efficiency, this remark caused his sanity to snap. He would emerge years later as the Clock King, with his sanity and former personality somewhat restored, albeit now in a way to effectively commit crimes and make a clean getwat.[2]

Years later, Hill was elected as mayor of Gotham City. As mayor, Hill began the construction of Stonegate Penitentiary as one of his first actions, an idea that was shared with District Attorney Harvey Dent, as both men pledged to lower crime and create "a better, safer Gotham".[3] Some time later, he granted Detective Bullock permission to use a special task force for capturing Batman.[4]

When Hill attempted reelection, he found his polls were slipping. One incident was an act of vandalism where a political billboard of his was defaced showing him with horns and a goatee, and mockingly saying "De-Elect Mayor Hill". This caused people to laugh and one citizen to mockingly call the chief executive "Mayor Over-the-Hill" to his face. However, this would fester into more serious problems, such as a train station opening to be ruined by a speeding train out of control, a direct insult to Hill's reelection promise "to make the trains run on time". Batman realized what the problem was, but by this time Hill had been abducted by the Clock King, who was the mastermind dedicated to ruining Hill. Fugate planned to murder Hill in an appropriate manner, having him crushed when the minute and hour hands of Gotham's largest clock met. When Batman demanded to know the root of Fugate's hatred for Hill, Fugate said Hill's friendly advice years ago was taken as intentional sabotage, as Hill was a significant minor investor in the firm that sued his company and won. Batman saves the mayor, but in the process the clock is destroyed. When Alfred asks if Fugate is dead, Batman cannot say for sure, thinking if he could survive the destruction, so could other men.

Yet another time Hill came under attack was through HARDAC, who had a program to replace Gotham's pillars of the community with android doppelgangers. A robot double of the mayor attempted to abduct Bruce Wayne, as well as serve as a puppet of HARDAC in running Gotham. This robot double of Hill was destroyed by Batman.

One time, Hill compared Joker with Batman, causing the criminal's wrath. Hill was also oblivious to problems at home, such as when his son Jordan performed well with a magic set; the elder Hill ordered his son to forget about such nonsense and start behaving as a model child. The final straw for the younger Hill came when his birthday party did not have many friends, only adults and kids from Gotham's prominent families; the elder Hill having used it for a political showcase. Danger came for both father and son when the Joker attempted to assassinate Hill by posing as a clown who was legitimately hired for the party. This is foiled, but when Jordan, impressed by the clown's act, runs away from home, this gives Joker another opportunity to put the mayor in danger. Hill was crushed by his son's disappearance, but Jordan returns home. Alone, the two reconcile, and Jordan sees Batman in the shadows, who gives the boy a thumbs up.[5]