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The Hammer was a KGB covert group that had grown so powerful that it was feared by the Central Committee of the Soviet Union.


It trained the Soviet Union's premier assassin, the KGBeast and was involved in acts of assassination and terrorism. Hammer sent the KGBeast on an unauthorized mission to the United States to cripple the Strategic Defense Initiative (aka, the "Star Wars" program).[1]

After the fall of the Soviet Union, the Hammer became a crime syndicate led by the Commissar that was involved in the trafficking of Pakistani heroin, extortion, gambling, and murder for hire.[2] It was made up of Afghan War veterans and included the KGBeast.[3] The Hammer was in Gotham City to print $100 billion in counterfeit Euros two years before the official establishment of the European Union.[4] Their printing press operation was disrupted by Robin and Huntress, and then attacked by the Ghost Dragons, resulting in the death of the Commissar and loss of the counterfeit money.[5]

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