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Hammeroon was asked by Kyle Rayner to be a member of his new Green Lantern Corps.

Hammeroon is a bounty hunter looking for a "genocidal kreen baddie" in the Iiskado system, and coincidentally, happened upon and saved Kyle Rayner from being eaten by a Gittado. Kyle Rayner then joined Hammeroon going to Waystation. During the trip, they answered a distress signal where they found the Russian cosmonaut Anya Savenlovich. At Waystation, due to a misunderstanding, Kyle, Anya, Hammeroon and Garl were arrested and presented before Judge Sool for trial. Although the group escaped, they were followed by Judge Sool in his Lawbringer. During the confrontation between Kyle and his group against Judge Sool, an anomaly passed through them wiping out everything in their path. If not for Kyle, they would have been destroyed.

Kyle then gave the others each a Green Lantern Ring to form the new Green Lantern Corps so that they could help him investigate the anomaly. It was later discovered that the anomaly was created by Magaan, the first person Kyle gave a power ring to. Kyle and his new corps were able to destroy Magaan's anomaly machine and defeat Magann but at a price. Hammeroon was killed giving the new corps enough time to destroy the anomaly machine.






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