Quote1 I go where I am needed-- and tonight, one of the places I am needed is here. Quote2
-- Hanged Man src

The Hanged Man is an ethereal figure who haunts Shadow Hill. Though he seems eerie, much like Shadow Hill, he is their protector; a guardian spirit. While usually floating along at a normal size, he sometimes appears much larger than the neighborhood's tallest buildings when standing in defense of it. He is powerful but his abilities are ambiguous, he simply does as needed and is guided towards those in need.


  • Unique Physiology: The Hanged Man has been around for centuries. He might be immortal or he might be already dead. His body sustains no damage and he needs nothing to sustain himself. He simply is.
  • The Hanged Man has been seen in times of crisis for centuries even dating back to the Middle Ages.[1]



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