The Hangman is a member of Death Row, a team of costumed assassins.

As indicated by his name, Hangman assassinated his victims by hanging with his noose. Hangman's deadly skills make him a valued member of Death Row.[1]

Recently, Death Row was hired by unidentified Dakota City crimelords to kill Curtis Metcalf, vice president of Alva Technologies. That company's CEO, Edwin Alva, was a secretly major crime lord who decided to retire from organized crime. Alva appointed Metcalf to oversee the legal dismantling of his criminal operations. The unidentified crimelords feared a major loss of revenue if Metcalf succeeded and thus wanted him dead. To ensure this result, the crimelords suggested that Death Row add a new member to their roster: the electricity-wielding Volt, who agreed to kill Metcalf in exchange for his freedom from jail. Death Row believed having Volt on their team was overkill for taking out a mere businessman. Still, they agreed to this stipulation in light of the enormous amount of money being offered by the crimelords.[1]

Death Row staked out Curt Metcalf's apartment for days before choosing the night to strike. Their plans were thwarted when the infamous spy, Sanction, ambushed and kidnapped Metcalf, whom he erroneously believed to be helping expand Edwin Alva's criminal operations. Death Row trailed Sanction to an abandoned hardware store, where the spy was finally convinced of Metcalf's innocence after interrogating him. When Sanction left the scene, Death Row quickly moved in to seize Metcalf.[1]

As their teammates looked on, Hangman used a noose to hang Metcalf from the rafters so Hypo could impale him with a barrage of needles. However, Metcalf swung his body so the needles instead sliced through Hangman's rope. Now free, Metcalf evaded a gauntlet of attacks by Death Row to reach his car, which Sanction had used to transport him to the hardware store. As Metcalf tried to flee, Volt struck his car with a blast of electricity that caused it to crash and burst into flame. Death Row moved in to confirm Metcalf's death only to be surprised when the armored vigilante Hardware emerged from the fiery wreck. The assassins then realized Hardware was Metcalf, who had hidden his armor in his car. Death Row tried again to kill Hardware, but were soundly defeated.[1]

Hardware left Death Row behind for the local authorities. Hangman and his cohorts are currently in police custody, facing numerous murderous charges for their past assassinations.


Hand-to-Hand Combat (Basic): Hangman is a good hand-to-hand combatant.[1]


Hangman carries a length of hemp rope ending in a hangman's noose.[1]

enemy of Hardware



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