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The Hangmen were a group of ruthless mercenaries who became enemies of the Titans.


They were originally assembled by a group of Quraci nationalists to assassinate Cheshire,[1] the terrorist who had one year previously decimated Qurac with a nuclear weapon.[2] Their initial mission was unsuccessful, and they were defeated and incarcerated by the Titans, but they would occasionally return to plague them.

They joined the Secret Society of Super-Villains during the events of Infinite Crisis, and were thought to have been brutally murdered by Doctor Psycho for deserting the society during the Battle of Metropolis to engage in looting.[3] However, it was later revealed that this was false, and that they had paid Psycho to help them fake their own deaths so that they could continue their activities unhindered by superhero interference. They were seen attempting to enlist with Libra's second incarnation of the Society, but were quickly afterward all murdered by a vengeful Spectre during the events of Final Crisis: Revelations.[4]

Second Incarnation

A new team under the name of Hangmen appeared in Gotham City by the time Dick Grayson was Batman. Using the same names and powers from their predecesors, they were defeated and captured in their first criminal act and they soon disbanded.[5]

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