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| Image = [[Image:Henry Heywood III (New-Earth).jpg|150px|link=Henry Heywood III (New Earth)]]
| MainPage = Henry Heywood III (New Earth)
| ImageText =Henry Heywood III
| Description = '''Hank Heywood''' is a name shared by three [[Cybernetic Enhancement|cybernetically enhanced]] members of the Heywood family. <!-- blady blady. Over to you, Billy. -->
| Image2 = [[Image:Earth 2 Vol 1 13 Textless.jpg|150px|link=Henry Heywood, Jr. (Earth 2)]]
| Image2Text = Henry Heywood, Jr.
| MainPage2 = Henry Heywood, Jr. (Earth 2)
| Era2 =
| Gallery =
<gallery widths=120>
Image:None.jpg|{{thumbnav|Henry Heywood, Jr. (New Earth)|New Earth||Henry Heywood, Jr.}}
Image:Henry Heywood, Sr. (New Earth) Who's Who.jpg|{{thumbnav|Henry Heywood, Sr. (New Earth)|New Earth|Hank Heywood, Sr.|Commander Steel}}
Image:Citizen Steel.jpg|{{thumbnav|Nathaniel Heywood (New Earth)|New Earth|Nathan Heywood|Citizen Steel}}
File:Henry Haywood III DCAU 001.jpg|{{thumbnav|Henry Heywood III (DCAU)|DCAU|[[Justice League Unlimited]]|Commander Steel}}
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