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Hannibal Bates is an Everyman Project-subject known as Everyman, a shapeshifter. He joined Infinity, Inc. but was Lex Luthor's agent. After the dissolution of the team, he hired out his shapeshifting skills as a mercenary.


Originally from Gotham City, Hannibal Bates was the first person chosen by Lex Luthor to participate in the Everyman Project. This gave the ability to shape-shift. He became a member of Luthor's new incarnation of Infinity, Inc as Everyman.

Infinity Inc

It was later revealed that he had killed his teammate Skyman (Jacob Colby), and had been masquerading as him for quite some time. During the impersonation, he 'assisted' Natasha Irons in her investigation of Luthor's super-human program. When she saw the real Skyman's body, Natasha, who was romantically involved with Skyman, battled and nearly subdued Everyman, until Luthor saved him.

When Steel (John Henry Irons) and the Teen Titans came to rescue Natasha Irons, but Hannibal was disguised as Natasha, then shifted into a giant crab and attacked him, but the hero easily defeated him. After the battle with Steel he posed as as Lex Luthor as the former mogul was put in jail. His ruse was discovered by Clark Kent, and the real Luthor was placed into custody.

One Year Later

Hannibal pretended to be the second Blue Beetle; Ted Kord, returned from the grave, until a DNA test proved false and was arrested. He was later freed by Circe, made him disguise as Sarge Steel, and instigate the events leading up to the Amazons attack.

Hannibal however was captured and arrested by Nemesis. Hannibal reappeared, this time impersonating Green Arrow and tried to murder Dinah Lance on their wedding night. She managed to kill him with an arrow to the neck. His deception was not discovered until a month later when Batman and Dr. Mid-Nite performed an autopsy. It was later revealed by Granny Goodness in the guise of Athena that the switch was made during the Injustice League's attack on the wedding. Hannibal was meant to pose as Green Arrow for a short time, then fake his death. He later tried and kill Black Canary on the wedding night, to avoid his cover being blown.

Dark Arrow

Hannibal survived and woke up, naked in an alley, with amnesia, believing himself to be the real Oliver Queen. He returned to home, only to be confronted by the actual Oliver Queen . Dinah was able to identify the fake by the stab wound on his neck, and helped her husband fight against him. Hannibal managed to slip away, only to be captured by the new Big Game, who intended to use him in one of his plots.

Hannibal is later seen teamed up with Cupid, a vigilante obsessed with Green Arrow, and calling himself Dark Arrow. The two lure Green Arrow, Black Canary and Speedy into a trap, setting off explosive charges that seem to kill them. Watching from a distance, Cobalt, one of Big Game's subordinates, activates Nanites in Dark Arrow's bloodstream, compelling him to strangle Cupid. However, the act brings him to remember the night he tried to kill Black Canary, freeing him from the nanites' control. Cupid then injects him with a "love potion", putting him under her thrall again. The group are then attacked by Green Arrow and company, who had escaped the blast. During the fight, Cupid sets off one of Speedy's quantum arrows, creating an explosion that covers the villainous couple's escape. Cupid later kills Hannibal by poisoning him, declaring their relationship "a rebound thing".

Blackest Night

During the Blackest Night, Everyman was identified as one of the deceased villains entombed below the Hall of Justice. His body was later revived as part of the Black Lantern Corps.


  • Shape-Shifting: He can transform into any living thing, after eating a genetic sample (fingernail, hair, skin, etc). This extends to humans, taking on their appearance and voice. He lost those powers when his Exo-gene is shut down by Lex Luthor, but they were later restored by Circe. All genetic evidence reads as identical to whoever he is impersonating. Even Hal Jordan's Green Lantern Ring has been fooled.



  • Non-Organic Duplication: Hannibal cannot accurately duplicate non-organic matter, as evidenced when he replicated Sarge Steel, who possesses a metal hand. Nemesis was able to tell who the real Sarge Steel was by stabbing his hand with a pencil, drawing blood.

  • Everyman's name, Hannibal, sounds very similar to "cannibal." Given the nature of his powers (that he has to consume someone to assume that person's form), his name seems quite intentional.
  • His complete name is a reference to two serial killers from fiction: Hannibal Lecter (from the novel and the movie "The Silence of the Lambs") for the first name, and Norman Bates (from the movie "Psycho") for the surname.



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