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Doctor Diehard is a member of the Extremists.

Hans Leckter was one of five terrorists (later to be known as the Extremists) on Angor, and inherited the power of magnetism after capturing an experimental nuclear weapon that exploded giving the group their powers.[1] Diehard and the other Extremists, except for Dreamslayer, died on Angor after the group caused a nuclear holocaust on their planet.

Diehard was later "resurrected" as a robot along with the dead Extremists by Dreamslayer, and attempted to take over Earth until being stopped by Justice League Europe, with the help of Mitch Wacky, the creator of the robots. The Extremists robots were then exhibited in Madame Clouseau's Wax Museum in Paris.[2] They were later used by Dreamslayer a second time on the island of Kooey Kooey Kooey, and still later as pawns of Twilight in a battle with Supergirl.[3]


  • Diehard was based on the Marvel Comics supervillain Magneto, and like him has the ability to generate powerful magnetic fields.



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