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Harbinger is the station intelligence of the House of Heroes who aids the Monitor in his mission to guard the Multiverse.

The Multiversity

Harbinger awoke after a long slumber when Earth 23's Superman interfaced his personal computer to connect with the House of Heroes' AI, reactivating her in order to get answers of the situation. To which she informed them that the Multiverse is in need and that the stakes are absolute.[1]

When the House of Heroes was under attack by Hellmachine of The Gentry, Harbinger was being slowly drained of her power and knowledge until Earth 17's Batman used the Monitor files of the 52 worlds to restore her abilities and repel their attacker.

She used the Transmatter Cubes to summon and assemble the Orrery of Worlds' greatest heroes to save the Monitor and defeat The Gentry. And after the threat was over, she congratulated the Monitor for his heroic actions in front of the champions of the Multiverse.[2]


When a mysterious planet from outside the Multiverse started to cross the Bleedspace, the Monitor requested Harbinger to analyze the anomaly.[3]