Harlan Combs was the third Firebug, a Gotham City arsonist.

Harlan Combs was a thrill-seeking yuppie and family man who bought Joseph Rigger's Firebug costume at a Keystone City auction, in order to launch a string of arson fires throughout Gotham City. When his family babysitter, Bonnie Lewis, discovered the costume inside a secret panel in his closet, he bludgeoned her to death with one of the suit's tanks and disposed of the body, feigning a kidnapping gone wrong. GCPD'S Major Crimes Unit detective Charlie Fields was killed by Mr. Freeze while investigating a tip regarding the kidnapping, which actually never occurred at all.[1]

With help from the first Firebug, Joseph Rigger, Combs was identified as Bonnie's killer, driven to implicate himself by detectives Marcus Driver (Fields' former partner) and Romy Chandler, and arrested.[2]


  • Firebug suit: Insulated costume with hidden antigrav tanks of a concentrated napalm derivative. The gloves of the suit were designed as flamethrowers.
  • Wristwatch flamethrower[2]



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