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Harlan Graves is a professional businessman and lawyer in Gotham City who also runs a bank for criminals as the masked villain called the "Underbroker".

Harlan Graves was a senior partner at the prestigious firm called "Graves, Willock, and Crain". Under the alias of the Underbroker, Harlan led an underground financial institute that acted as a bank for the criminal underworld of Gotham City. He also served as a broker for criminals, coordinating with Gotham's crooks and allowing them to store their cash by transferring it to hedge funds, hiding it alongside money of other rich people. Also somehow, the Underbroker even managed to keep his establishment called the "Underbrokerage" a secret from Batman himself.[1]

When Joker decided to take Batman down, he allied with him and set up an ambush for Catwoman and Harley Quinn. After he allowed them into the Underbrokerage for escaping the Designer's zombie cops, Punchline and Joker's henchmen confronted them and he pretended that he'll let the two be if they struck a deal with him. Things however soon exploded into a brawl and he tried running away, but was tripped by Catwoman's Whip. She revealed he knew who he was, before threatening to reveal his safe numbers to others and bringing Batman down on his establishment. Graves then offered to make her rich if she spared him.[1]

Underbroker later assisted Catwoman in transferring Batman's money, stored in shell corporations, to her own account using his computer terminal, so the Designer couldn't get to it first. As she started the transfer, he and Punchline revealed that it was a set-up all along to get Batman's account numbers and transfer all the money to Joker instead.[1] Joker used the money to take over Wayne Enterprises, with Graves becoming his lawyer and also blackmailing the authorities of Gotham to do his bidding.[2] After Catwoman stole back Batman's money (as well as every other criminal's money stashed in Underbroker's account), Graves rescinded all his services he was offering to the Joker.[3][4]




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