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Quote1 Psychopaths are apex predators. Society's version of tigers, stalking us in concrete jungles. Without any predators to challenge them, criminals like the Joker will keep killing. Unless we stop them. Batman had the right idea, but he didn't take it far enough. Putting predators behind bars will only slow them down. Someone has to hunt the hunters. In the jungle, the animal with the best chance of killing a tiger is one of its own. I'll be that someone. Quote2
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Harleen Quinzel is a forensic psychiatrist who worked alongside the G.C.P.D. to bring down the Joker. Unsatisfied with the police force, she quit her partnership with them to take matters into her own hands.

Harleen Quinzel used to moonlight as a psychiatrist, both in Bludhaven and Gotham City. While she was at work, the Joker murdered her roommate and stole her surgical procedure books. Her roommate's death gave Harley the motivation to throw the Joker behind bars.[1] In time, she developed an obsessive attention to detail, but instead of interfering, it actually helped her in her line of work. She gained enough notoriety to get the attention of James Gordon, who in turn recommended her to his boss Gilliam B. Loeb. At first he was hesitant to give her a job, but Gordon convinced him by saying she worked for the F.B.I. as consultant in serial cases.[2]

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