Quote1 You'd think after living with Mr. J I'd be used to a little pain. Quote2
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Harley Quinn, real name Harleen Quinzel, was the Joker's on-and-off girlfriend and a dangerous villain in her own right.


Harleen Quinzel entered Gotham State on a gymnastics scholarship, but was never bent on studying. She only wanted to be a pop psychologist, and used her good looks to get on the honor roll. Eventually graduating first of her class, she became an intern at Arkham Asylum. And though Dr. Leland warned her, she fell head over heals for the Joker, setting him free and joining him as her lover and partner in crime "Harley Quinn".[2]


Working with Joker, Harley was part of some of Joker's most grandiose schemes including the murder attempt of Commissioner Gordon,[3] his attempt to trademark fishes with his own face,[4] the murder attempt on Batman and Catwoman[5] and the murder attempt on Sidney Debris for killing Batman.[6] Fortunately, all this plans were eventually foiled by Batman.

Some time later, Harley grew tired of Joker's constant abuse and she met Poison Ivy, who declared her nuts for still following that clown. Ivy and Harley teamed up and conducted a number of successful capers, creating a strong bond.[7]

Due to her mentally unbalanced condition, Harley became a patient in Arkham Asylum, the same place she started working on as a a doctor. On one occasion, Harley was part of a plan to abduct Batman into Arkham to stand trial and kill him, but he managed to break free and stopped them.[8] After this, Batman made a deal with Harley that would earn her an early release from Arkham if she helped capture the Joker. The plan almost succeeded until she couldn't resist anymore and embraced the Joker, showing unconditional love.[9] Some time later, Harley was released from Arkham with a sanity certificate. However, she had a relapse due to a misunderstanding and had to be taken back to Arkham by Batman.[10]

Later life

After several years together, Joker and Harley kidnapped Robin, seeking to make him "Joker Junior". After a fight with Batgirl, she fell into Arkham Canyon, seemingly lost. The Joker was killed in the confrontation with Batman.

She survived the fall, and fully recovered from her insanity. She married and eventually got two grandchildren - Delia and Deidre Dennis - with whom she was less than pleased for joining the Jokerz.

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  • Toxic Immunity: During their first adventure together, Poison Ivy gave Harley a serum that made her immune to the toxins that surrounded their base.



  • Mental Illness: Joker managed to single handedly break Quinzel's sanity, leading her to take on the persona of Harley Quinn.


  • Sorkin starred in a soap opera which included a dream sequence where she wore a jester costume. Paul Dini used this scene as an inspiration for the character, writing her specifically so Sorkin could voice the character.
  • In Harley Quinn's first appearance, in the Batman: Animated Series episode "Joker's Favor", her sole purpose was to walk into a police banquet with a giant cake. She did not have her trademark costume on for most of the episode, dressing instead as a police officer in a mini skirt.
  • In the Batman episode "Harlequinade", it's is revealed that she is not a natural blonde.



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