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Quote1.png Recently, I made a promise to myself that the next time I got a boyfriend, I'd be on the lookout for red flags. And if I saw any, I would do the healthy thing and I would murder him. And killing kids? Kind of a red flag. [...] When your taste in men is as bad as mine, they don't just go away quietly. They slash your tires and they kill your dogs and tell you that the music you like ain't real music at all. And all the cruelty... tears you apart after a while. Quote2.png
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Doctor Harleen Frances Quinzel, better known as Harley Quinn, is a hyperactive, fun-loving, strong, and independent Gotham City mercenary and a former psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum. She was abused and driven mad by the Joker, and eventually left him to be her own woman. She also went on a few world-saving missions with the Suicide Squad.


Harleen Quinzel was the daughter of a drunk man who abandoned her in a nunnery. Harleen was rebellious and had several behavior problems, such as hitting one of the nuns. In high school, Harleen became a model student, earning excellent grades and extensive gymnastics training. For her efforts, she was rewarded with a full scholarship to Gotham City University, where she majored in Psychiatry for her undergraduate degree.[1]

Harleen also had several romances gone wrong. Eventually, she became a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum, and was assigned to treat the Joker. She eventually falls in love with him and becomes his lover and partner in crime as "Harley Quinn". After a murder and a car theft together with the Joker, they were chased by Batman. The car crashes and the Joker manages to escape but not Harley, after that she was arrested.[2]

Assassinating Enchantress

She was later transferred to Belle Reve and recruited as a member of Task Force X, by Amanda Waller. The team succeeded in at least one world-saving mission by destroying the godlike Enchantress and her brother Incubus in Midway City.[2]

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Birds of Prey

Harley Quinn assembles the Birds of Prey

When Harley and the Joker broke up, she began to be hunted by Gotham criminals, including the Black Mask, who captured her and was going to kill her until she offered to retrieve the stolen bertineli diamond. She breaks into the GCPD and finds Cassandra Cain, who had eaten the diamond. They then run away and go to Harley's apartment, who is destroyed by the Black Mask gang. Eventually, they team up with Dinah Lance, Helena Bertinelli and Renee Montoya to defeat the Black Mask. They are followed to the Joker's Fun House, where Dinah uses her supersonic scream and throws Harley onto the road, where she defeats some of Black Mask's men and he is killed. Afterwards, Harley and Cassandra flee and form Harley Quinn & Associate.[1]

The Jotunheim Mission

Waller's distraction

In 2021, Harley was recaptured and taken back to Belle Reve, where she rejoined the Suicide Squad. Waller assigned her to a mission to Corto Maltese to destroy the laboratory Jotunheim and its primary experiment, Project Starfish, which would soon be used as a weapon by the new anti-American Maltese dictator Silvio Luna against the world. Her team was once again led by Colonel Flag, and consisted of Boomerang, Javelin, Weasel, T.D.K., Savant, Mongal, and Blackguard. They were actually a distraction for the Maltese Army so that a second Squad team led by the assassin Bloodsport could properly infiltrate the island, but none of the Squad members knew this, Harley included.

Harley takes the javelin

Harley struck up a connection with the flirtatious Javelin on the helicopter ride to the island. When they arrived, the Squad was ambushed by the Maltese forces, whom they had been sold out to by Blackguard. Harley took cover and watched in horror as Mongal, T.D.K., Savant, and even Boomerang, were mercilessly slaughtered. She crawled over to Javelin after seeing him get shot, and with his dying breaths, he handed her his javelin. He started telling her to carry it, but he died before he could tell her why. Flag escaped into the jungle while Harley was captured by the Maltese soldiers, along with her javelin.

Harley and Luna

Harley was taken to Luna's palace to be introduced to him, as he saw her as the ultimate American rebel. The two formed a connection, and began falling in love, but when Luna admitted to murdering children as part of the Jotunheim experiments, Harley shot him in fear of entering another toxic relationship with a psychopath. She was captured and tortured by Luna's right-hand man and successor, Mateo Suarez, but she escaped the palace and murdered all the soldiers in it with her javelin, still unsure of why she was supposed to carry it.

Harley reunites with Flag

After breaking out of the palace, she met up with Flag, who had joined Bloodsport's team, and came to rescue her after learning she was alive. After a happy reunion, the group made their way to Jotunheim to complete their objective. With the help of the Thinker, Jotunheim's chief scientist whom the Squad had captured before getting Harley, they broke into Jotunheim and began placing explosives around its interior.[3]

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Knightmare Future

Zack Snyder's Justice League.jpg
This section of the history covers the events of the 2021 director's cut Zack Snyder's Justice League. Part of this contradicts the cinematic release of the 2017 movie Justice League. All or part of this section may no longer be valid for the rest of the DC Extended Universe.

In a horrific possible future, Darkseid seduced Superman with the Anti-Life Equation and decimated Earth. According to the Batman, Harley fought alongside him in his rebellion against Darkseid. She was killed, but not before she told Batman to kill the Joker slowly if the two ever met again. When he did form the alliance with the Joker, the two made a truce, but Batman vowed that he would honor his promise to Harley.[4]


  • Cosmic Awareness: Harley has been shown a few times to be aware of being a fictional character, even directly talking to the audience at one point.
  • Cheating Death


Other Characteristics


  • Mallet
  • Bat: Harley carries a baseball bat with the superscription "Good Night".
  • Customized Chiappa Rhino 60DS'
  • Javelin: Harley used a javelin as her primary weapon on the Suicide Squad's Corto Maltese mission.

  • Harley was born on July 20, 1990.[2]
  • Harley is bisexual.[1]


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