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Quote1 You can also call me... The Harlster supertar, the girl everybody wants to be like, Gotham City's greatest comedic genius. Quote2
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Harley Quinn is a student at Super Hero High.


Harleen Quinzel is an extremely wisecracking and outgoing teenager and the daughter of two Gotham City circus performers,[1] and her childhood best friend is Pamela Isley, known as Poison Ivy. She was inspired to become a hero when she was a infant by seeing a superhero on TV.[2] During a class field trip to S.T.A.R. Labs, with Dr. Karen Lou Faulkner as their tour guide, her friend Pamela was attacked by a giant venus flytrap, and when she and Dr. Faulkner find her lying on the ground unconscious, Dr. Faulkner gives Pamela an untested antidote despite fears over its potential side effects on humans. Harleen stayed by her friend's side for the next four days in the hospital, and when Pamela woke up, they soon realized that she can control plants. And when she was discharged, Pamela began enjoying her new powers with Harleen before encountering Dr. Faulkner again, who took her in and brought her back to S.T.A.R. Labs to let her train and study her powers.[3]

For her part, Harleen at some point assumed her identity as Harley Quinn, and would go on to attend Super Hero High, where acts as a mischievous jokester and the class clown. Always trying to receive laughs instead of grades with her pranks, the sneaky student may have ulterior motives.

Meeting Wonder Woman

During the first school year, before Wonder Woman was admitted to enroll on campus, Harley had a previous roommate: Mandy Bowin, who loved her violin and played it all the time. But she was expelled less than three weeks into the year, so Mandy swores Principal Waller that she would return, starting a theory on Cheetah's part that she was expelled so Wonder Woman could attend school.[4]

Once Wonder Woman arrives at Super Hero High, she is guided by Bumblebee who takes her on a tour of the school until leads her to her room, where she meets Harley Quinn.[5] At first, Wondy found her company annoying, when Harley just wanted to hang out with her. And while she was studying, she told Harley to leave her alone; but Wondy seeing how gloomy Harley looks from her after she last rejects her, she invites Harley to hang out with her.[6]

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  • Acrobatics: She's been able to twist and turn out of some pretty tight situations.
  • Charisma
  • Cooking: Her specialty is cupcakes and pies.
  • Disguise: She disguised herself as a purple-wigged mugger by following Cheetah's racketeering plan.[7]
  • Driving
  • Gadgetry: Harley knows there's a clown inside everyone just waiting for the opportunity to put on a big red nose, floppy shoes and burst out.
  • Leadership: She also commands her teammates just like Wonder Woman, making Harley the team's second-in-command.
  • Psychiatry
  • Singing
  • Swimming
  • Weaponry



  • Harley's Monster Car
  • Harley's Clown Jet
  • Harley's Quadbike

  • Harley Quinn is known as the Class Clown due to her quick-witted, fun and unpredictable nature.
  • Harley Quinn has dyed her hair red and blue in places.
  • Harley Quinn loves to make puns.



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