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Quote1 You know, D. I know Harleen is an acquired taste, but before I met you guys, she was my only real friend, my best friend. So you can see why I'd be reluctant to discontinue our relationship without a little more to go on. Quote2
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Harleen Quinzel aka Harley Quinn is a student that attends at Metropolis High School, and is also Batgirl's best friend. She used to be a criminal who idolized the Joker, and at that then she was Batgirl's enemy without knowing that she is her best friend, until the latter revealed her identity to her.


She has been close friends with Barbara Gordon since childhood but is unaware that Gordon is secretly Batgirl. She enrolled at Metropolis High School with her friend after moving to Metropolis from Gotham City.

Joining the Super Villain Girls

Barbara's friends: Diana, Kara, Jessica, Zee and Karen, try their best to fit Harleen into their circle of friendship, but they realize that the latter is a bit annoying, and they reject her.

When Barbara realizes that her new friends aren't willing to give Harleen a second chance, she gets away from them, determined to end their friendship and continue with Harleen like old times. Harleen tells Barbara that she has also met new friends and wants her to come along, only for Babs to find out that her new friends are Selina and her friends. The two girls go their separate ways, with Harleen deciding to be with Selina and the others for now while Barbara heads home.

Selina and her friends invite Harleen to destroy mailboxes, to which she agrees by destroying the post office. Impressed by her great deed, Selina invites Harleen to have some real fun by revealing that she and the other four are villains. Harleen joins them as Harley Quinn, and together with her new team, start having fun causing havoc throughout Metropolis. The Super Hero Girls (sans Batgirl) go to confront and stop them, but are easily outmatched due to the inclusion of Harley Quinn.

The villains bind the Super Hero Girls with Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth, and before Harley Quinn delivers the final blow, she receives a call from Barbara, who tells her that they can still be friends without necessarily including her friends in Metropolis.

After that, Barbara as Batgirl reunites with her friends and confronts Harley Quinn, where they both injure each other (with Harley receiving a slash from a batarang). In that several police cars arrive, and the Super Villain Girls escape taking a bound Harley Quinn, who swears revenge on Batgirl.

Soul Sisters

The vigilante known as Katana arrives in Metropolis to take down the criminals she faces. Among the unfortunate victims is Harley Quinn, whose soul was also taken from her. She, along with the rest of the Super Villain Girls, was taken to Barbara's house to hide her, until Katana frees her soul along with those of other victims, including the Super Hero Girls.

The Secret it's Revealed

During a battle between the Joker and Batman, the Joker managed to cut off one of the Caped Crusader's ears and sold it to Harleen, who in turn decided to give Batman's ear to her friend Babs. And although Barbara's friends initially considered her the worst person in the world, she has gradually gained their trust. This is after Harleen and Kara worked together to pass an assignment in pairs.

But despite that, Diana still didn't fit in with Harleen, even after the latter accidentally ruined her ice cream. As she sharpened her sword in anger, Jessica arrives and while almost trying to defend her, is shocked to learn that Diana has destroyed Babs' Batman ear (which she mistook for a whetstone since both look kind of the same). Diana attempts to tell Babs the truth, but Jessica (who was at first liked the idea) told her she can't as Babs loved the ear and upon realizing that if she knew the truth, she will lose her mentality, and Jessica tells Diana she needs to get a new one by tomorrow, which would involve her going to Gotham City to get the ear, which means that the only person who can help her is Harleen, to which Harleen replies that if she does it, Diana will owe her for it.

Upon arriving at Gotham City, Harleen takes Diana on a quick detour on their way to Sprang Station. During her tour of the city, Harleen wants to share with her some of the Gotham culture, like the Ace Chemical Plant where the Joker was born, and Crime Alley. When the two girls arrive at Spang Station, Harleen reveals that the plan is to spray graffiti on a wall. Then as Batman arrives, Harleen's connection will cut the ear off for her. Diana refuses to do it and would rather tell Babs the truth about the ear. However Harleen starts implanting the graffiti and Diana tries to clean it up, only for Batman to arrive to see what Diana's doing. As Diana tries to explain what happened, Harley Quinn arrives and tries to cut Batman's ears with a giant pair of scissors, only for Batman to stop her with a Batarang. As Diana tells Batman that she hoped that the day she met him wasn't in a situation like this, both she and Batman notice that Harley has escaped.

After that, Diana returns to Sweet Justice, where she confesses the truth to a saddened Babs, only for Harleen to arrive and tell Babs that she was the one who took the ear, but only because she got her something even better: a used-in-combat Batarang from Batman, which Babs gets super giddy about and she shows it to the other customers in the restaurant. As Diana is thankful for Harleen's help saving Babs' feelings, she's also wondering how exactly Harleen managed to get a Batarang on such short notice. Hearing that the Batarang had stucco on it, Diana realizes that Harleen Quinzel is Harley Quinn, and before she can reveal that, Harleen tells Diana not to tell anyone, especially Babs for the sake of her mentality.

Halloween in Gotham City

On Halloween night, Barbara and Harleen go trick-or-treating to Gotham dressed as Wonder Woman. Diana, knowing the identity of the latter and that her friendship is at stake, persuades the other girls to go as well so she can secretly keep watch on Harleen.

During the outing, Barbara gets a call from Batman alerting her to the Joker's plans to make this Halloween the scariest one ever; at the same time, Harleen receives a call from the Joker asking for her help. The girls suit up and split into pairs to investigate three targets mentioned in Batman's call; Wonder Woman tries in vain to persuade Batgirl to break off her friendship with Harleen, without revealing the secret only for Harley Quinn and the Joker to show up and set the Clown's plan in motion.

As the Joker and Harley lure She-Bat, Gentleman Ghost and Solomon Grundy to them, Wonder Woman tells Batgirl that Harleen is Harley. Batgirl refuses to believe her at first, but later accepts the truth after seeing one of her cellphone photos taken on the day Harleen gave her the battle-worn batarang. Shortly after reconciling with Wonder Woman, Batgirl goes and confronts Harley Quinn. The Joker and Harley capture Batgirl and Wonder Woman, and the Joker reveals his plan to destroy Gotham with a bomb that Harley is to detonate, much to Harley's hidden horror.

Batgirl persuades Harley not to help complete Joker's plan. She, somewhat skeptical, asks him how she knows; and Batgirl replies that she knows more than she thinks, and she unmasks herself as Barbara in front of Harley. The two confess to loving each other as friends, only for Harley pushes the detonator anyway and flees with the Joker. Batgirl then throws a batarang in an attempt to defuse the bomb and the bomb doesn't explode.

After saving Gotham, the rest of the Super Hero Girls wonder about Harleen, to which Wonder Woman tells them that she's gone home. And as they leave, Wonder Woman gives her condolences to Batgirl, who grieves for her friend; until she realizes she missed the shot at her, and she also discovers that Harley had secretly disarmed the detonator. This makes Batgirl happy and gives her hope that Harleen can redeem herself and turn from evil.

Mayhem in the Multiverse

During a fight between the Super Hero Girls and the Super Villain Girls, Harley is confronted by Batgirl who was defending her friends. Suddenly, the team was teleported and rescued by Lex Luthor, so they can join the Legion of Doom alongside him and other villains. It's then that Lex tells his team that he has the power to get rid of the superheroes by using Cythonna's amulet to lock them in the Phantom Zone. Harley Quinn, along with Catwoman, confront Blue Beetle who locks him in the Phantom Zone.

Lex and the Legion of Doom seek to take over the world using Cythonna's power, something that makes Harley realize that the Legion was going too far. And after seeing how they were getting rid of the Justice League, she then secretly decides to help Wonder Woman escape the Hall of Doom, and resigned from the team and reunited with Batgirl. Harleen and Batgirl reunite with the rest of the girls after receiving a Bumblebee's emergency call. Green Lantern, Supergirl, and Zatanna are initially wary of Harleen, believing she is with the Legion, but she and Batgirl nonetheless assure them that she's not with anybody. Bumblebee then admits she was fine and that she faked the emergency to get them together, and gives them a motivating speech, encouraging them to team up again to save the world and defeat the Legion of Doom. For her part, Harleen retires and leaves the girls behind, claiming that she isn't interested in saving the world.

However, Bumblebee's speech made Harley Quinn change her mind, so she went back to help the girls and the other superheroes; surprising Lex Luthor whom she knocks out with her mallet, defeating him. When Supergirl defeated Cythonna by enclosing her in another Kryptonian crystal and along with Zatanna banished her to another dimension of the Multiverse, the Super Hero Girls share a victory hug, including the now-reformed Harley, whom they accept on their team.



  • Barbara Gordon considers Harleen her best friend.
  • Harleen refers to her other alter ego "Harley Quinn" as her connection.



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