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Quote1 You want me to help you catch Gotham's baddies because...you can't? Quote2
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Harley Quinn is a former criminal now working as a vigilante in Gotham City. Arrested by the Magistrate, she is now forced to collaborate with them, tasked with planning how to capture Gotham's worst criminals.

Captured by the Magistrate

During Gotham City's no-mask initiative, the Magistrate captured her and imprisoned her, under the custody of supervisor Jonathan Crane, formerly known as the villain Scarecrow. Crane was tasked with finding and subduing some of Gotham's worst villains, but failed many times to bring him certain targets. Exploiting Harley's experience as a vigilante, former criminal and Suicide Squad member, Crane offered her bits of freedom in exchange of more effective ways to bring in some masks.

Harley helped capture both Professor Pyg and Firefly, and then started to plan how to take in Black Mask, who Crane seemed obsessed with, and who led the Black Mask Gang, becoming a main player in Gotham City's underworld.[1]

  • Harley and Poison Ivy have been in a long on and off relationship.[2]