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Harley Quinn was one of Steel's rebels.

The woman formerly known as Dr. Harleen Quinzel used to work for Lex Luthor, helping him develop his mind-control devices, the "Lexlocks", which she renamed "Ridealongs". Harleen's job consisted in using her psychological expertise to calibrate the ridealongs until making them capable of control thought, behaviour... without driving the user insane.

Harleen collaborated with Lex until she saw the ridealongs were making people into beings unable to love something other than Lex. Disgusted, she broke a prisoner out and scrambled the ridealongs, which damaged her sanity permanently. Harleen caused a riot and escaped from "the Garden", ditched her old identity in favor of "Harley Quinn", and at some point joined Steel's rebel group.

One year after her jailbreak she and her biker gang ran into Kara Gordon and drove her back to the base. Later Harley returned to the Garden to bring about another riot, which brought her into conflict with the Bat and Batgirl.


Other Characteristics

  • Mental Disorder: Harley damaged her brain permanently when she wiped out her ridealong. She's well aware of it, but she takes her crazy state as an improvement.


  • Motorbike



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