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Quote1 I don't know what I ever saw in that man. When he was gone, I became the woman I was destined to be...a hero! Quote2
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Harleen Quinzel, better known as Harley Quinn, was the Joker's partner-in-crime and former girlfriend until the madman was killed by Superman. From that day forth, she worked with Bruce Wayne to oppose Superman and became a crime fighter-in-training.

Before Metropolis

Harleen Quinzel was an intelligent psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum before she was seduced into madness by the Joker, her patient at the time. Becoming "Harley Quinn", the two clowns terrorized Gotham City and found themselves constantly in combat with its protector - Batman.

About four years prior to the Joker's death, Harley became pregnant with the Joker's child and went into hiding for a year. Having a girl, she named her Lucy Quinzel and left the baby with her sister before returning to Gotham, only to discover the Joker hadn't even noticed her absence.[2]

Destruction of Metropolis

At some point, the Joker set his sights on terrorizing Superman and, with Harley by his side, he used Scarecrow's Fear Toxin to trick the hero into killing Lois Lane and his unborn child. Distraught over what he'd done, Superman killed the Joker in retaliation and began establishing a new fascist world order to protect the world as he saw fit.[3] [4]

Year One

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Harley, having been arrested by the Justice League for her involvement in the destruction of Metropolis, broke free from custody when she killer the police officers taking her to Arkham Asylum. She was once again captured by Green Arrow, who anticipated she would return to the Joker's headquarters after his publicized death. Not approving of Superman's execution of the Joker and wanting to protect the man of steel from further bloodshed, Green Arrow brought Harley to the Arrowcave, lined with lead, to protect her. [5]

After Harley had set a fire that had burned down most of the Arrowcave, Green Arrow felt safe enough to deliver her to Arkham Asylum, coincidentally at the same time Superman was there forcibly moving all the prisoners to a new, secure location where they could no longer escape. Green Arrow sprung into action to deescalate the conflict, and Harley broke out of her handcuffs. Gaining access to the main command terminal, Harley released all the prisoners from their cells and ordered them to protect themselves from Superman. [6]

Superman hired Lobo to capture Harley, but Harley eluded him twice, and finally led him to the Arrowcave where she, Black Canary, Green Arrow, and Speedy defeated him. Harley used her psychiatric ability to determine the cause of Lobo's aggression - she figured that Darkseid belittled Lobo and suggested that Lobo go back and defeat Darkseid, to which Lobo agreed.[7]

Sometime afterward, Green Arrow was murdered by Superman for infiltrating the Fortress of Solitude. With Green Arrow gone and a target on her back, Harley remained in hiding in the Arrowcave.

Year Two

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Injustice Year Two Vol 1 8 Textless

The Insurgency attack the Hall of Justice

During the second year of Superman's regime, as the man of steel's forces clashed with the Green Lantern Corps, Black Canary discovered Harley Quinn still living inside the Arrowcave. Though Black Canary tried to evict her, Dinah had to pause to throw up from morning sickness, revealing to Harley that she was pregnant with her deceased husband's baby. Harley, returning the secret by mentioning that she had been pregnant once with the Joker's child and had a secret daughter named Lucy, decided to leave crime behind for the greater cause of opposing Superman. [8]

For seven months, Harley remained with Dinah until her baby was born - a boy named Connor Lance-Queen. Harley was the first to see the mother in the hospital, lying to the staff that she was her sister. [9]

Soon after, Harley participated in the ground assault during the war with the Green Lanterns, having joined the Insurgency on Black Canary's recommendation. As part of the plan to take out the League in the Hall of Justice, Harley created a diversion by taking a super pill and strapping bombs to herself. [10]

Though the mission to depose Superman was ultimately a failure due to the fact that he recieved a Yellow Power Ring from the Sinestro Corps, the Insurgency was successful at capturing some of the Regime's members, including the Flash, who, because he was not seen as a lost cause, was handed over to Harley Quinn for forced psychiatric help.

Year Three

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At the beginning of the third year, Harley was invited with the other members of the Insurgency to the home of Jason Blood to discuss a magical force that was protecting Superman. However, at the meeting, the Insurgents were attacked by the Spectre, forcing them to retreat to the Tower of Fate. [11] There, Harley tended to the wounds of Detective Chimp, who had been critically injured in the attack. [12]

When the Spectre finally located the Tower of Fate and transported the Regime heroes to its location, Harley took a super pill and fought Shazam. [13] When Trigon showed up, the Insurgency retreated to Earth, taking up residency in the House of Mystery. [14] The Regime followed them and fought the Insurgency again. Harley once again went toe-to-toe with Shazam but was defeated. [15] The fight was ended when the dimension of Hell began to interfere with the hero's dimension; all the combatants were brought inside either the House of Secrets or the House of Mystery for protection except those that died and Swamp Thing. [16]

Thanks to a collaboration between the Insurgents and the Regime, Shazam and Doctor Fate managed to banish Trigon and Mxyzptlk into the void, saving the day. In the aftermath, Zatanna successfully collected the Insurgents and teleported them to Batman's bunker under the world's largest lead mine in Alaska, making that their new headquarters. [17]

Year Four

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Disillusioned with months of inaction from the Insurgency, Harley quit the team to cause chaos in the open on her own. Harley tried to partner up with her old flame Poison Ivy, but Isley was disinterested in leaving her plants. [18]

Instead, Harley turned her attention to the young hero Shazam. She travelled to his school and claimed to be his mom in order to play hooky with him. When Billy Batson refused to play along, she knocked him out instead [19] and brought him to the Quiver before being called back to the Insurgency. [20]

Afterwards, Harley watched as the Insurgency, having teamed up with the Gods of Olympus and the Amazons of Paradise Island, tricked Wonder Woman into evoking one-on-one combat between herself and Superman. When this combat failed due to interference from Sinestro, Harley participated in the war alongside the Amazons but was knocked out by the Flash. [21] Eventually, the gods relented, giving Superman 24 hours to regroup.

However, when the gods demanded that Wonder Woman join their side on Zeus' orders, the Regime initiated another fight to defend their friend. Harley joined in, beating up Yellow Lantern before being asked to stand aside. [22] The fighting escalated to the point that Zeus came down from Olympus and threatened to kill Billy Batson if Superman didn't disband his Regime. Harley attacked Zeus to save her friend but was zapped out of existence by the god. [23]

Injustice Gods Among Us Year Four Vol 1 10 Textless

Harley is banished to and escapes Tartarus

Harley and Billy Batson were actually sent to Tararus, the dungeon of the damned, where they met Queen Hippolyta, who was also banished there. Harley started a riot amongst the damned before taking a super pill to lead their escape. She killed a hecatonchire before Ares arrived to put them all back in the pit.In the distraction, the jailbreakers used a Mother Box to escape the realm.

However, Harley and her friends were transported to the equally hellish Apokolips, where she contacted Batman for assistance before being captured by Darkseid. [24] Batman passed the message along to Superman, who rushed to Apokolips to free Billy Batson. In the chaos, Harley, Billy, and Hippolyta used the Mother Box again, transporting themselves to the Himalayas. Harley, again, called Batman, who arrived to their location and took the Mother Box before organizing their return to civilization.

Harley delivered Billy Batson back to his foster home and apologized for the series of events that caused the loss of his powers. Billy said he was fine and admitted that Harley was pretty cool. [25]

Harley returned to Themyscira to try to depose the old gods, along with members of both the Regime and Insurgency, but was nearly killed when the United Nations sent nukes to their location to end the conflict. Everyone was saved just in time by Wonder Woman and Superman, who diverted the missiles. [26] Highfather arrived, thanks to a conversation with Batman, and deescalated the conflict with the old gods peacefully. He then boom tubed the Insurgency to a safe location away from the Regime, having decided there was enough fighting for the day. [27]

Year Five

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Disillusioned with working so closely with the Insurgency, Harley "went rogue", being a vigilante without a team (much like "ol' Bats") but still considering the Insurgency her allies. She spent her time investigating a Joker-memorial street gang lead by Jason Bard before Superman discovered the gang's existence and slaughtered all 200 of them.[28]

Distraught over the massacre, Harley decided to give up her alias altogether and, after being her own therapist, dyed her hair back to blonde and returned to being "Harleen Quinzel". Not too long after, though, Harleen found herself in the middle of another Joker-themed anti-Regime gang and, deciding they needed a competent leader so they wouldn't be killed like the last group, returned to being Harley Quinn to lead them.[29]

On the night that Batman and Lex Luthor attempted to teleport an alternate reality Justice League to fight the Regime with them, Harley and her gang were requested by Batman to act as a distraction for the Regime, targeting a green pill factory. The attack caught the attention of the new Regime recruit Man-Bat, but Harley successfully defeated him while on half a green pill.[30] Batman and Luthor's mission, too, was a success, and several alternate reality heroes (and a villain) were transported to Earth.

Fall of the Regime

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Harley Quinn, now going by the name Harleen, confronts the alternate Joker in Gotham City, believing him to be an impostor, as 'her' Joker was killed by Superman after destroying Metropolis. After a fight between the two, Harleen realizes from the Joker's fighting style that he is the real Joker and is overjoyed to see him.

Harleen takes the Joker to the abandoned Arkham Asylum, hideout of the Joker Clan, a criminal force assembled in the Joker's memory. The Joker is quick to assume control of the Clan, using one of the durability enhancing pills given by Superman to his flunkies on himself. Shortly after this, Regime soldiers lead by Hawkgirl and Nightwing break into the hideout and attack the Clan. As the Joker fights off Hawkgirl and Nightwing, Harleen sends an S.O.S. to Insurgency Batman via a communication device given to her by the Insurgency. The Insurgency forces, consisting of the alternate Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Green Arrow, Aquaman, and the native Batman, soon arrive and drive back the Regime. Batman orders Harleen and her men to lay low for the time being and takes the Joker into custody, believing him to be too dangerous to be let loose.

When the Insurgency begins their bid to save the displaced Batman from being executed, Harleen receives orders from the Insurgency Batman to have the Joker Clan occupy as much law-enforcement as they can while they infiltrate Stryker's Island. Harleen complies, but goes against Insurgency Batman's orders and releases the Joker from his cell, although she fears that Batman may be angry with her for doing it.

Harleen and the Joker hijack a Regime vehicle and confront the Insurgency Lex Luthor in Metropolis as he heads to aid the Insurgency against the Regime. The Joker orders Harleen to take down Luthor and take his suit, but she ultimately fails. Fed up with Harleen, the Joker fires her and tries to kill her. However, Luthor intervenes and takes down the Joker in a fight. Enraged by his betrayal, Harleen prepares to kill the Joker with his own knife, but is ultimately convinced by Luthor to let him go, saying she's outgrown him.

Later, Harley escorted the Joker at gunpoint to the portal back to his dimension.

Possible Post-Regime Epilogue

Injustice Gods Among Us Vol 1 1 Textless
This section of history takes place in a timeline outside that of normal Injustice canon.
Upon beating "Classic" mode in Injustice: Gods Among Us or "Multiverse" mode in Injustice 2 with any playable fighter, the player would receive a possible alternate ending to the game's story featuring their fighter. These alternate histories should not be seen as relevant to future sequels or comic adaptations.
Harley Quinn Injustice GAU Epilogue 0001

"The defeat of Superman filled Harley with confidence. She knew what she was capable of and knew what she wanted. She traveled to the visitors' Earth and freed the Joker from prison. Returning to her world, they married in a ceremony that set Gotham ablaze.

At the reception, the cake-cutting ceremony took a gruesome turn. As her new husband playfully mashed her face into the cake, years of abuse took its toll. Something in Harley snapped. She used the ceremonial knife to slash Joker's throat.

Still wearing her wedding gown, Harley now resides permanently in Arkham Asylum."

Before Brainiac

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Injustice 2 Vol 1 7 Textless

Harley Quinn and the Suicide Squad

After the fall of Superman's regime, Harley was invited by Batman to join him in his reconstruction effort to fix all the worldwide damage Superman had caused, forming a team that would later be called the Justice League Task Force.[31] Of course, Harley accepted but, not long after, she was kidnapped by Amanda Waller and once again forced to join the Suicide Squad. However, not long after that, Waller was murdered by a Batman impostor who commandeered the Suicide Squad for the League of Assassins.

Forced to do the League's bidding or risk having her head explode thanks to a bomb surgically implanted inside her brain, Harley and the Squad were sent to distract a group of heroes by crashing Green Arrow and Black Canary's wedding. The distraction proved successful, and the League managed to kidnap some of the heroes' children - Harley's estranged daughter Lucy as well.

Back at the League's secret base in the Amazon Rainforest, Harley was forced to reveal her true parentage to her daughter before Quinn and the children attempted to make an escape. Thanks to Batman and the children's parents, the rescue was a success, though at the expense of the League of Assassins' endangered animal sanctuary.

The bomb inside her head was later taken out of her.

Brainiac's Invasion

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Harley is given a job by Bruce Wayne, helping operate Brother Eye, a massive satellite monitoring system. Harley, Green Arrow, and Black Canary are assigned to run to Slaughter Swamp, where the society is producing Scarecrow's newest fear toxin. During this, Harley is given a direct cloud of the new formula, courtesy of Dr. Crane, and manages to stand up to a hallucinate variation of The Joker. Due to a misunderstanding, Harley ends up fighting Swamp-Thing and manages to convince him to help against the society. Upon learn the Society is in Gorrilla City, Harley and the others go of to stop them, and learn of Brainiac.

While trying to stop Brainiac, Batman assigns Catwoman, Cyborg, and Harley to reboot Brother Eye, so they can restore communications. However Harley is then hit by Poison Ivy's pheromones, forcing her to fight a hero of the player's choice.

After Wonder Woman defeats Cheetah, Supergirl is greeted by Harley and tries to stop Diana from killing Barbara, per Batman's orders. While Wonder Woman questions her, questioning the amount of blood on Harley's hands. The two fight briefly, ending with Harley being stab through the stomach. It is this act of violence that ultimately opens Kara's eyes to the horrors of Superman. After she defeats Wonder Woman, Supergirl rushes Harley off to a hospital.

Possible Post-Brainiac Epilogue

Injustice Gods Among Us Vol 1 1 Textless
This section of history takes place in a timeline outside that of normal Injustice canon.
Upon beating "Classic" mode in Injustice: Gods Among Us or "Multiverse" mode in Injustice 2 with any playable fighter, the player would receive a possible alternate ending to the game's story featuring their fighter. These alternate histories should not be seen as relevant to future sequels or comic adaptations.
Harley Quinn Injustice 2 Epilogue

"I still can't believe it. Me. Bringing down Brainiac. Who knew? Still, Bats surprised me, offerin' me a spot in the Justice League. Not totally sure he ain't crazy, but who says no to that guy? Y'know, being good feels good. But every now and again, every once in a while, I get this irresistible urge to go out and bash some heads!

Hopefully being good will stick long term. 'Til I'm sure, my kid Lucy's still gonna known me as her crazy Aunt Harleen. Maybe someday I can giver her the real scoop."


Other Characteristics

  • Mental Disorder: Dr. Quinzel was driven insane by the Joker. Even after breaking free of his control, she still has homicidal impulses that she can usually overcome.[33]





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