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Harley Quinn was formerly a supervillainess and lover of the Joker, but was brainwashed into one of Omega's servants.

After Bruce Wayne was brutalized by the mob who had stormed the Hall of Justice following humanity's turn to evil, he rechristened himself Omega and discovered the Anti-Life Equation to subjugate the world. He used the Equation to turn most of his former rogues gallery, including Harley, into his enforcers.

Harley was among the former rogues guarding Omega's amplifier, J'onn J'onzz, on Arkham Island. Wonder Woman led the Court of Owls to the amplifier, using a device created by Mad Hatter that transmitted a "neuro-wave" broadcasted by Jim Gordon that would force the brains of Harley and her comrades to not see them as enemies. However, Omega's men captured Gordon and turned off the broadcast, causing Harley and the others to start fighting Diana and the Court. After Omega was killed by his clone and Martian Manhunter freed from his brainwashing did Harley and the others become docile.

It is unknown what happened to them afterwards.[1]

  • Despite Harley being seen as one of Omega's servants, an image of her could be seen in Limbo, among other images of those whose deaths Batman felt responsible for.[2] This was likely an oversight on the artist's part.