Quote1.png Don't listen to him Harley--You're not helpless! The truth is he's scared of you! That's why he always kept you at a distance, because you saw the things he was most ashamed of--His humanity and his compassion. And that's how you beat him, by turning it against him! You surpassed everything the Joker ever did--He sat by helplessly while you overturned Gotham and Batman in ways he never could. He's humiliated! His greatest enemy isn't me and it isn't Batman--It's you! Quote2.png
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Harley Quinn was Jack Napier's girlfriend and, later, estranged wife.

Harley, the former girlfriend of Jack Napier (The Joker), left him after his years of abuse and mistakenly believing that he only loved Batman and would never truly love her, finally being driven to leave him after he apparently murdered Jason Todd. After Harley left, another girl sneaked her way into the Joker's life by pretending to be Harley herself, imitating her persona. The Joker didn't even notice that the imposter wasn't the actual Harley Quinn. Years later, after Jack Napier's curing of his insanity, he returned to the fake Harley and proposed to her, leaving her bemused. The real Harley then kicked the fake unconscious and explained her reasons for leaving to a guilt-ridden Napier, before joining him in his crusade: to become a hero of "the 99%" and to destroy Batman by vilifying him in the public eye.[2]





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