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Quote1 You let my plaything get away Batman, that wasn't nice. Quote2
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Harlequin was a serial killer based in Gotham City, where she had been kidnapping and killing various people to put together her own model family.

When Batman catches wind of this, he heads to Harlequin's abandoned hideout to put a stop to it. Inside, Batman finds the severed heads of several people Harlequin had killed. Deeper into the hideout, Batman discovered a girl who was still alive. Batman frees her, but he is attacked by Harlequin. A fight ensues throughout the hideout, with the insane Harlequin first going after Batman with a hammer then a chainsaw. The fight leads to the location of Harlequin's model family, which is destroyed by her in the fight. She is eventually cut by her own chainsaw, and reluctantly wishes to surrender and be taken to jail. However, Batman scoffs at the idea, proceeding to sink into her neck with his teeth and sucked her blood.


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