The mysterious fourth holder of the Harlequin identity, following Molly Mayne, Duela Dent and Marcie Cooper.

Her origins and motivations are unknown, though she claims to have discovered she had the ability to induce hallucinations in the minds of other at an early age. She first appeared when she attacked Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern, with whom she appeared to be obsessed (she had somehow learned of his relationship with Molly Mayne, the original Harlequin, and had decided that she was destined to be Mayne's successor and be with Scott). She created illusions of Scott's former foes Solomon Grundy and the Icicle to challenge him before appearing to him herself, at a time when Scott had regained his lost youth (he at first believed this to be one of Harlequin's illusions, but it proved to be unconnected to her). She later attacked Mayne, now Scott's wife, at which point he lost his temper and showed her a vision of himself as a lord of Hell with her as his slave. The Harlequin fled, declaring that Scott had 'ruined everything', but later resurfaced as one of the villains summoned by Neron to wage war on Earth's heroes, and apparently appeared to Scott in a dream. She has not been seen since.


  • Illusion Casting: Harlequin has illusion casting powers similar to those of her predecessors. Hers seem to be natural in origin though and also far more powerful, allowing her a degree of mental manipulation. The origin of these abilities is unknown.



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