Harley Johns was a zombie truther.

After losing his brother in the massacre at Max Rager, he devoted all his time to exposing zombies. Medical examiner Ravi Chakrabarti and journalist Rachel Greenblatt both infiltrated his operation. He gained several followers, though was so hard line some backed out when he set his big plan in motion. He kidnapped Don E with the plan to torture and kill him in a live stream.

Blaine and Liv freed Don, allowing Ravi and Rachel to escape. Harley saw his brothers killed by FG soldiers, and in the fight was accidentally scratched. He fled to a safe house where he slowly deteriorated, until Liv and Clive found him and stuffed him in a freezer. He was freed by Billy Cook and Huntsman, two followers that had abandoned him and had hoped to find him in the safe house. They were not aware he was a zombie, and were easy pray.

Harley had nothing left to live for, and did not want to be a zombie. He had also just feasted on the brains of a coward and a paranoid man. So he created a suicide vest, went to a Fillmore Graves party, and blew himself up, killing a dozen FG soldiers.

Posthumously, he succeeded, as Rachel Greenblatt ran the story in the 206 Weekly.


  • Zombie Physiology: Zombies are mutated after being infected with a tainted batch of Utopium. The general bodily features - pale skin and hair, a lust for brains and only one heart beat per six seconds - has led to the infected to be referred to as "Zombies".[1]



  • Hunger for Brains: If Zombies do not eat brains, they become dumb, loses her humanity, and may die.[3] At a certain point, this state becomes inreversible, at which point a Zombie is said to be "Full Romero".[6]
  • Restricted Taste: Zombies lose most of their sense of taste, only being able to detect it when it was extra spicy. As such, zombies regularly spiked their food and drink with hot sauce.[3]



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