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"Power Outage": At her House of Wax and Murder, Madame Macabre is surprised when her son Mason returns early from prison. She assures him that he will be able to hide from the law there, and insists on making him breakfast. Big Tony greets them in the kitchen, w

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Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn (Volume 2) #11 is an issue of the series Harley Quinn (Volume 2) with a cover date of December, 2014. It was published on October 22, 2014.

Synopsis for "Power Outage"

At her House of Wax and Murder, Madame Macabre is surprised when her son Mason returns early from prison. She assures him that he will be able to hide from the law there, and insists on making him breakfast. Big Tony greets them in the kitchen, welcoming Mason home. Everyone knows that Mason was put in jail on a bum rap - for an accident involving the mayor's son in law. Over breakfast, they're interrupted by a call from their landlady Harley Quinn, who insists that Tony come to her right away and bring help. Naturally, he brings Mason. Following her instructions, they meet her on the beach where she stands over a crater - and at its center lies Power Girl.

With some significant effort, the three of them haul her up onto their shoulders and try to drag her back to the building. Once there, they awkwardly dump her out onto Harley's bed while Tony fetches a medical kit. While Mason and Harley flip Power Girl onto her back, Mason explains that he and Tony have been friends since they were kids, and Madame Macabre gave birth to him at sixteen, though his father ditched them right away. Soon, Tony returns, and attempts to check his patient's heartbeat with a stethoscope. He confirms that she is alive, and she proves it by grabbing the stethoscope and crushing it in her fist. When Harley asks if she knows her name, Power Girl responds that she doesn't know, and collapses again. Tony recommends they let her sleep for a while longer. As Harley hurries the boys out, Mason takes the opportunity to ask her on a date, and Harley agrees, shoving him out the door.

Once she has some privacy, Harley immediately begins trying to tug off Power Girl's costume, reasoning that this is a rare opportunity. If Power Girl can't remember who she is, this is a chance for Harley to convince her she's a good guy - though the meaning of that phrase from Harley's perspective is questionable. To that end, she intends to tell Power Girl that they're a superhero crime-fighting team. She has Queenie sew up new superhero costumes for the both of them - and asks her to help her get the new costume on to Power Girl.

After a significant struggle, the pair get the costume on her, and Queenie worriedly takes her leave, allowing Harley to wake her guest up alone. Groggily, Power Girl stands, but unfortunately Queenie's sewing job can't handle her curves, and it practically explodes from her body, requiring Harley to sheepishly return her original costume, admitting that she had been trying something new for their superhero team. Harley reminds her that she is called Power Girl, and that she's a super-hero. Power Girl reacts with skepticism, given the boob-window in her costume, commenting that she's dressed like a stripper. Harley assures her that she is a superhero with a secret identity as the strong woman in the freakshow downstairs. Her stage name is The Bomb.

"Someone just shot my soda! And my boob!"

Part of the disguise for that identity is simply to put on glasses - and she puts her hair up. Power Girl is still skeptical as Harley explains that they share their apartment, but they only just moved in and all of Power Girl's stuff was lost in the move - along with her memory, when she got hit in the head by a meteor. Together, they hit the shops to get her some real clothes. In the change room, Harley explains that they first met when she needed rescuing from a shark in Lake Michigan. While everything seems to fit Power Girl perfectly, Harley struggles to find anything that isn't huge on her. Dispirited, Harley drags her new friend to Dainty Divas across the way, where nothing fits Power Girl properly - including the tiny change-rooms.

Afterwards, they stop at the food court, where it becomes clear that the pair share a taste in fast food, if nothing else. Over their meal, Harley explains that people pay them out of pocket to fight crime, but the only reason they're not rich is because of Power Girl's appetite. They're interrupted when a bullet pierces through Power Girl's soda, and harmlessly ricochets off of her chest. Looking up, they see that Sportsmaster and The Clock King are trying to make an escape from an armed robbery. Harley and Power Girl leap into action!

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  • The version of the Clock King who appears in this issue, despite sharing a name, differs significantly from the version who appears in Green Arrow, sharing more resemblance with historical representations of the character.

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